Collaborative Office Display Solution

An Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) is a large format touchscreen display ideal for meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. It is a replacement for clunky or outdated projector technology with a higher-quality display, enhanced connectivity, and built-in software solutions. Interactive Flat Panel Displays allow you to run your meetings and presentations with the freedom and convenience your team needs to do their best work.

A Next-Gen Office Display Solution

The next generation of digital technologies is transforming the way people work together. After nearly half a decade’s worth of rapid digitization, leaders are now turning their sights on the meeting room. As a result, the way people conduct meetings is about to undergo an exciting transformation.

IKinor Interactive Flat Panel Display help you easily handle the highly collaborative needs , IFPDs support communication and collaboration in ways never before possible in the meeting room. Learn more about interactive flat-panel displays below.

4K UHD Camera

High quality video conferencing experience. And the wide-angle of the camera is 102 degrees.

8 Microphone Arrays

Ikinor interactive flat panel built in 8 microphone arrays make sound collection pick-up range up to 10 meters. Adopting high-fidelity speaker, every corner of the meeting room could be heard clearly. 


It supports wired connections like 1 Gigabit LAN, and also supports wireless connections like Bluetooth and 2.4G/5G WIFI.

High version of android 8.0 which make operation smooth. In this android operation system, we have built in E-Share software for BYOD, participants can share their screens for discussion.

Easy to set up

There are many flexible mounting options, you can put on the mobile trolley cart, leave on the table, or mounted on the wall. And then connect the power cable, Ethernet for network, HDMI for video display. It’s done for a video meeting so easily.


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