Create A New-Gen Education Display Solution

A Smart Blackboard (also named Smart E-Blackboard) is a large format touchscreen display ideal for classrooms. It can support normal writing with ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk and various ink pens. The smart blackboard not only can write with chalk function of ordinary blackboard, but also provides high-definition display and interactive touch control in the middle display.

A New Generation Display Solution

The new technology is transforming people to have better experience. Adhering to the concept of “it’s traditional together with  future”, the product effectively organically combines traditional blackboard and multimedia teaching, and deeply integrates traditional teaching with modern technology to bring better teaching experience.

Learn more about Ikinor Smart Blackboard below:

Excellent writing experience

Ikinor Smart Blackboard support 10 points touch in the middle P-CAP interactive display, which allows user to use chalk/marker pen to write on the sides blackboard at the same time

Zero Air Gap Design

  1. Transmittance >80%, the interactive display is more clear and transparent
  2. Low reflectivity
  3. Improve viewing angle
  4. Reduce the dust and cold air entering the interactive blackboard

Dust Free, Care for your health

Can use dust-free chalk for writing and erasing to prevent dust, Designed for the health of teachers and students

Easy Installation

Ikinor Smart Blackboard provide flexibility installation and low maintenance cost for the classroom, we connect the two side Blackboards before we ship out our Blackboard, you can install easily after you take out from the carton. It is easy to wall mount or put on the mobile trolley cart.


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