Global Educational Supplies and Solutions (GESS) Dubai is one of the biggest events in the Middle East for educational professionals and solution providers. This renowned platform fosters learning, collaboration, and the exchange of pioneering ideas. Organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the 15th GESS Dubai is set to take place from 30th October to 1st November 2023. The event offers educators a great opportunity to access a wide range of innovative products and solutions that satisfy the needs of modern teaching and revolutionize the way students learn. The reputed interactive touchscreen manufacturer Ikinor will be attending this event to connect with customers and showcase the latest offerings.


Ikinors Presence at GESS Dubai

Interactive touch screens are a major contributor to modern education. With its innovative features and benefits, the interactive touch screens revolutionize the education circle and are a key part of GESS Dubai, with many exhibitors attending to showcase their offerings in this dynamic category.

Among these exhibitors, the famous interactive display manufacturer Ikinor will also be attending the GESS Dubai event. We will showcase our latest smart electronics, including interactive flat panel displays, smart blackboards, P-CAP touch screens, and interactive whiteboards with built-in software. Ikinor stands out because we are committed to developing advanced interactive touchscreen technology, paying attention to detail, setting reasonable prices, providing reliable services, and customer satisfaction.


Wide Applications of Interactive Touch Screens in Modern Teaching

Interactive touchscreen technology is widely used in modern teaching. Interactive boards for the classroom offer many advantages and have many key applications. Let’s take a closer look at how it improves teaching.

  1. Real-time Interaction and Q&A

A quality interactive touch screen facilitates real-time interaction between teachers and students. This seamless engagement fosters active participation, encourages questions, and leads to more engaging and dynamic classroom discussions.

  1. Digital Whiteboarding and Problem-Solving

With the digital whiteboard, teachers can present content engagingly and interactively. In addition, it allows for better problem-solving as seamless collaboration can tackle complex problems more easily.

  1. Digital Libraries and Resource Access

An interactive touch screen also provides easy access to digital libraries and online resources. In this way, it empowers teachers to enhance their teaching materials and students to explore a wealth of knowledge to help with their study projects.

  1. Language Learning and Pronunciation Practice

Interactive touch screen enriches language learning. Students can practice pronunciation, engage in language games, and learn in an immersive environment.

  1. Artistic and Creative Expression

A quality interactive touch screen serves as a canvas for creative expression. With it, virtual simulations, artistic activities, and collaborative projects become more engaging.


Product Highlight: Interactive Flat Panel Display

Ikinor offers many feature-rich interactive flat-panel displays. The most popular one is the Interactive Flat Panel Display Android 11 CVT T982. This innovative display has been designed to transform classrooms and meeting rooms alike. The following are some of its key features:

  • Android 13with expandable 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM
  • High-accuracy infrared 40-point touch technology
  • Zero bonding technology for a more immersive visual experience
  • Upgraded audio with two 15W speakers
  • Full-function Type-C connectivity for fast charging/data transmission
  • Dual pen interactive smart whiteboard
  • Optional HD out mirroring to magnify screen content
  • Wireless screen share feature for group talks
  • Fast and accurate writing and gesture erasure
  • Humanized design system for ease of use
  • Remote control and more

As an OEM/ODM manufacturer, we will showcase this innovative display and many other latest offerings at GESS Dubai at booth No. 134 in the Dubai World Trade Centre (Za’abeel Halls 4, 5, and 6).



The 15th Global Educational Supplies and Solutions Dubai is one of the most anticipated events of this year. With numerous educators, learners, and solution providers attending this event, the potential for innovation and progress is endless. Ikinor‘s presence at GESS Dubai highlights our commitment to revolutionizing education through interactive touchscreen technology. We invite you to connect with our professional representatives at the event and explore these cutting-edge solutions in person. You can join us at booth No. 134 and find more smart electronics, such as interactive flat panel displays, smart blackboards, and interactive whiteboards, to enhance the quality of the classroom. Let’s get more information on our websites if you are interested.



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