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Ikinor Display Equipment in ISE 2023


Integrated System Europe (ISE) is the world’s largest exhibition for audiovisual and system integration professionals. For the upcoming edition of the expo from the 31st of January to the 3rd of February at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, display equipment manufacturer Ikinor will present 3 products epitomized by advanced technology at ISE 2023 Hall 2, Booth No.: 2V600.

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Critical Technology List

Product 1&2: PCAP Touch & IR Touch – Interactive Screen CVT 311D2 

The 2 products (PCAP Touch Interactive Screen CVT 311D2 & IR Touch Interactive Screen CVT 311D2) are designed in the same manner despite the touch screen technology applied to meet the diversified requirements of our customers. 

Projected Capacitive (PCAP) and Infrared (IR) are the most frequently-used display equipment technologies. Below we’ll break down the two for you to help make an informed decision.


  • PCAP touchscreen technology


Projected capacitive touchscreen sensors are designed to provide the best level of transmission and touch accuracy. They provide fast touch response without compromising accuracy. PCAP touchscreens are fixed in a vertical grid pattern of X and Y line elements, which combine the X elements with the Y elements in the grid when a finger or conductive stylus touches the sensor surface, allowing the controller to recognize the position of the touch.


Ikinor’s PCAP Interactive Screen CVT 311D2 uses PCAP technology to enable the application of multiple gestures such as zoom, swipe, pinch and rotate, giving the product a dominant touch experience. The PCAP touch sensor provides multi-touch operation, allowing different gestures to control the interaction, which gives the user a smooth, fluid interactive experience.


In addition to the touch experience, PCAP technology offers superior display capabilities. As all the optical layers in PCAP touchscreens are bonded together without any air gaps, it eliminates internal reflective surfaces. As a result, they have excellent optical clarity and are well-suited to high-brightness environments. Unlike resistive touchscreens, PCAP touch sensors are highly durable and highly accurate. Having vandal-resistant glass, insulation, or screen guards helps form an extremely robust solution and prevents damage to the point where it will not function unless the substrate grid is broken.


  • IR touchscreen technology


Capacitive and resistive touch technologies have been used in a wide range of applications. However, for applications where these two touch technologies do not integrate well, infrared (IR) touchscreens may be the best option – IR touchscreens can be adapted to fit any custom display by simply adjusting the number of LEDs and photo detectors embedded in the laminated frame. In addition to being highly compatible, IR touchscreens are an economical choice – large-format IR touchscreens are relatively inexpensive compared to other touch technologies. With a short response time, typically less than 8 milliseconds, it also supports multi-touch, enabling the user to operate it with bare fingers, gloved fingers, wet hands, or even a stylus. Finally, IR touchscreens work well with 4K displays – allowing for great support for image clarity.

Except for the touch screen, PCAP Touch & IR Touch – Interactive Screen CVT 311D2 share the same technologies, such as zero bonding technology and NTSC technology.


  • Zero bonding technology


Zero-bonding is a lamination method between full bonding and frame-bonding, which mainly involves filling the gap between the touch panel and the LCD with a non-adhesive transparent medium with a refraction coefficient comparable to that of glass.

The interactive touchscreen CVT 311D2 adopts the zero-bonding process to better bond the gaps between the layers, reducing the probability of air and dust entering, significantly reducing the reflection and loss of light, and achieving a light transmission rate of over 93%; in addition, by introducing the zero-bonding process, the viewing angle of the product can reach over 150 degrees, solving the pain point of inaccessible side viewing.


  • NTSC technology


NTSC stands for National Television Systems Committee, a committee responsible for video standards. The NTSC television standard specifies a composite signal with a refresh rate of 60 half frames per second (interlaced). Each frame contains 525 lines and has up to 16 million different colors.

Interactive Screen CVT 311D2 is available to optional NTSC 85% to cover and display the vast majority of colors, which, on the other hand, means that the probability of color distortion is greatly reduced, providing the user with a vivid visual feast.


Product 3: New Generation Smart Class Interactive E-Blackboard


Apart from PCAP screen technology, the main technology applied in this display equipment includes:


  • Optical bonding technology

Optical bonding is defined as the process of gluing the touchscreen glass to the LCD unit to fill the air gap between them completely. This is done to improve overall performance, reduce the total weight of the display, and make the touchscreen more robust.

Many benefits come with the optical bonding of a display, all of which enhance the performance of the interactive display in varying conditions and allow a greater range of application needs to be met. For example, with optical bonding, Ikinor smart blackboard (Android 11 T982) achieves the best readability, improved touch performance, increased robustness, secured against dirt and dust particles, qualified UV stability, no condensation, and reduced reflections.


  • Nanotouch technology

Utilizing Nanotouch technology, Ikinor New Generation Smart Class Interactive E-Blackboard forges a healthier, greener space. Contrasting with standard cleaners that come with a reliance on harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and poisons, Nanotouch’s continual self-cleaning process uses nanotechnology and the natural power of light—oxidizing contaminants—at a microscopic level, elevating your existing hygiene routine by acting as a clean multiplier.


Welcome to visit the booth of Ikinor in ISE 2023


As previously mentioned, Ikinor is proud to be exhibiting at ISE 2023 with 3 interactive screens. Anyone interested in our display equipment is welcome to visit Hall 2, Stand 2V600, for direct inquiries. You are also welcome to contact us via our official website for more details about Ikinor’s interactive touch screens. In addition, we offer a one-stop ODM&OEM service for display solutions, sparing no effort to meet your requirements.



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