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Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panel at Infocomm 2023:

Enhancing Collaboration and Communication


Communication is integral in educational and business environments, and visual presentations can make things much more efficient. Ikinor has been producing a range of flat panel displays for years and delivers quality options that can help to promote better interactivity and communication in different settings. We will consider how this interactive display supplier can benefit the classroom and the meeting room. 

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Exhibit 1: IR Touch IFP311D2 Android V11.0 Premium Model


The Importance of Collaboration and Communication in the Modern Workplace and Classroom

In the classroom, communication is crucial in ensuring students obtain the necessary information to build upon their skillset. When there is poor communication between students and teachers, students won’t be able to obtain the skills they need to progress, grow, and prepare for the next grade. 

Similar findings can be seen when looking at corporate environments. Poor communication and collaboration between team members can reduce efficacy and productivity in the office. While visual communication tends to be best for improving cooperation and enhancing the retention of the information presented to an individual – and that’s precisely where an interactive display supplier comes into the picture. 

When showcasing educational content or data visually related to business factors, you’ll find that your team or students retain the information more effectively. This can go a long way in improving student grades or creating a more productive workforce. 

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Exhibit 2: P-cap Touch IFP 311D2 Android V11.0 Optical Bonding

Ikinor’s Participation in the Infocomm Show

Ikinor invites investors, corporations, and educational centers to view our selection of interactive flat panel displays at the Infocomm Show 2023. Ikinor will host a booth at the show from 14 to 16 June 2023. The show will be held in Orlando, Florida, and Ikinor will be at Booth 2281. Should you require a guest or VIP pass code, please use IKI679. At the booth, Ikinor will share a diverse selection of our flat panel displays, allowing you to see how they will benefit your meeting rooms, classrooms, and other areas. 

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Enhancing Collaboration and Communication with Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panels

There are several real-world examples and cases that we can consider when looking at how Ikinor, as an interactive display supplier, can be helpful:

  • In a meeting room, visual presentation of graphs, 3D renders, and other data can give the staff members a better idea of what they should expect and what needs to be done. It’s also a great way to capture the staff members’ attention and make the meeting feel more “alive.” 
  • In the classroom, Ikinor, an interactive display supplier, can help reduce the “boring” element that often makes students space out. Instead, visuals can be presented, and students can interact directly with the panel when they need to answer questions. 

The Competitive Landscape

IFP production line

Ikinor, the leading smart board manufacturer in China, employs a range of quality processes such as the zero-lamination process and the vacuum full-lamination process. With a production base spanning 30,000 square meters, Ikinor has successfully implemented the full vacuum lamination process for mass production of smart blackboards.

Setting itself apart, Ikinor holds exclusive intellectual property rights for connected memory chalkboards and dual-touch electromagnetic capacitive chalkboards in China. While there are several options available from other interactive flat panel manufacturers, Ikinor stands out with its commitment to incorporating the latest technological advancements. By leveraging these innovations, Ikinor’s panels offer advanced features and exceptional responsiveness.

Moreover, Ikinor places great emphasis on user experience by ensuring a user-friendly interface on our flat panel displays. Continuously striving to surpass existing boundaries in collaborative and interactive technologies, Ikinor remains at the forefront of industry advancements.

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Exhibit 3: E3 Interactive Display Android 11 (T982) | Zero bonding | 40P Touch


The Future of Collaboration and Communication with Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panels

Ikinor believes that, as an interactive display supplier, these flat panel systems can significantly enhance collaboration and communication in different environments. Thus, to keep up with the need for adding interactive displays to these areas, Ikinor continuously works on developing new technologies. These technologies will further enhance a flat panel’s interactiveness in different situations. 


As an interactive display supplier, Ikinor understands the need to enhance collaboration between teams and classmates and the importance of communication. By switching to an interactive flat panel display, you can add visual data to meetings or the classroom, which has been shown to improve information retention significantly. To learn more about our interactive flat panels, reach out to Ikinor or visit our booth 2281 at the Infocomm Show 2023. 


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