Ikinor Welcome You To Be Our Business Partner

Welcome to be Ikinor Partners! 

We are delighted to have you join us, hope long term and win-win business partner between both companies.

Ikinor is looking for an agent who would like to have business in both corporate or educational equipment market. With the target to meet with customer’s requirement and selling more products, expand the customer base and the promote market of products for both companies.

We have a good understanding of products the marketing need in this filed , we also have abundant experience in corporate and education markets, offering complete, fast, and professional services. We work together with our partners on each project and tender business.

Your understanding about the mission of our company and we invite you to join us. We understand your needs and challenges hence the partnership will benefit us both.

Three Easy Steps to Get More Detail About Business Proposal.

  1. Learn about Ikinor products presents from the website , write down your questions about Ikinor company and products.
  2. Email Hello@ikinor-tech.com with your contact details.
  3. We will confirm your request and feedback you within 24 hours.

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