Interactive touch screens have become a popular tool in modern education, providing teachers with advanced features to enhance their teaching and students with an engaging learning experience. Ikinor is a leading provider of interactive touch screens for schools, offering a range of products to meet the specific needs of educational institutions.




Interactive touch screens are display devices that allow users to interact with the screen by touching it. These screens have become increasingly popular in schools due to their ability to enhance the learning experience and facilitate interactive teaching. Ikinor is a trusted brand in this space, providing high-quality interactive touch screens designed to meet the needs of modern classrooms.


Ikinor’s Advanced Features


The interactive touch screens offered by Ikinor come with a range of advanced features that make them ideal for use in schools. Firstly, these screens provide high-quality display and touch sensitivity, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience. Additionally, they offer whiteboard functionality, allowing teachers to write on the screen and interact with their students during lessons. The screens also have video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities, enabling remote learning and collaboration.


Advantages of Choosing Ikinor


There are several advantages of choosing our interactive touch screens for schools. Firstly, these screens simplify workflows and increase productivity for teachers by providing them with tools that facilitate interactive teaching. This allows teachers to plan and deliver engaging lessons more efficiently, resulting in better student engagement and improved learning outcomes.


Secondly, students benefit from enhanced learning experiences through interactive teaching. The use of interactive touch screens promotes active participation and engagement, making lessons more exciting and memorable. Students can also collaborate with each other more effectively, leading to improved teamwork and social skills development.


Finally, our interactive touch screens eliminate the need for multiple devices, resulting in cost savings for educational institutions. By providing a single device that can be used for multiple purposes, schools can save money on equipment costs and reduce maintenance requirements.




In conclusion, our interactive touch screens provide a range of benefits for schools, including simplified workflows, enhanced learning experiences, and cost savings. These screens offer advanced features such as whiteboard functionality, video conferencing, and screen sharing capabilities, making them an ideal choice for modern classrooms. By choosing Ikinor, educational institutions can provide their teachers and students with cutting-edge technology designed to meet the specific needs of modern education.



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