Ikinor is a trusted provider of digital solutions, including our OEM interactive display for business product line. These displays are built to meet the unique needs of businesses across all industries and sectors, providing high-quality visual displays that enhance communication and productivity.


Technical specifications and requirements for using an OEM interactive display for business in your business


To use an OEM interactive display for business in your business, there are certain technical specifications and requirements to be aware of. These displays typically require a computer or other device to operate, and may also require additional software or hardware depending on your specific needs and requirements.


Some of the key technical specifications to consider when choosing an Ikinor OEM interactive display for business include:


– Size: The size of your display should be selected based on the space available and your specific needs. Larger displays are great for presentations and group work, while smaller displays may be better suited for individual workstations.


– Resolution: The resolution of your display will impact the clarity and quality of your visuals. Higher resolutions provide greater detail and sharper images, making them ideal for professional settings where image quality is essential.


– Touchscreen capabilities: Many of our OEM interactive display for business offer advanced touchscreen capabilities, allowing users to interact with the content on the screen more effectively. This can improve collaboration and productivity in the workplace.


– Connectivity options: It’s important to choose a display that offers the connectivity options you need for your specific business needs. This may include HDMI, USB, and other connectivity options.


How Ikinor’s OEM interactive display for business can meet your business needs


In conclusion, choosing an Ikinor OEM interactive display for business can help you enhance communication, boost collaboration, and improve overall productivity in your business. With our advanced technology, exceptional visual quality, durability, and reliability, these displays are an investment worth considering for any business looking to stay ahead of the competition.


By carefully considering the technical specifications and requirements of these displays, you can choose a solution that meets the unique needs and requirements of your business. From touchscreen capabilities to connectivity options, our OEM interactive display for business product line has the flexibility and customization options necessary to meet the specific needs of your business.



In today’s fast-paced and competitive marketplace, businesses need advanced digital solutions to stay ahead of the curve. With our OEM interactive display for business product line, you can be confident that you are investing in cutting-edge technology that will enhance communication, collaboration, and overall success for your business.



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