Are you sick of your classroom’s antiquated technology? Are you prepared to up your game when it comes to teaching? An 86 inch interactive display is all you need! With its limitless opportunities for student participation and learning, this cutting-edge technology is transforming classrooms throughout the world. Read on for more information!


Benefits of 86 Inch Interactive Displays


  1. Enhance Learning Environment: An inch interactive display enhances the learning environment by providing a more engaging and interactive experience for students. With its multi-touch capabilities, students can easily collaborate on projects and assignments.


  1. Increase Productivity: An inch interactive display increases productivity by allowing you to easily create digital content that can be shared with students and colleagues. You can also use it to access online resources, which saves time and paper.


  1. Improve Classroom Management: An inch interactive display improves classroom management by giving you the ability to control what content is displayed on the screen. You can also use it to send reminders or announcements to students, which helps keep them on track.


  1. Connecte Classrooms: An inch interactive display connects classrooms by allowing you to share content with other teachers and students across the globe. With its built-in WiFi, you can easily connect to online learning platforms and collaborate with others in real-time


How to Implement an 86 Inch Interactive Display in Your Classroom 


When it comes to interactive displays for classrooms, bigger is definitely better. That’s why we recommend an 86 inch display. Here’s how to get started implementing one in your classroom:


  1. Choose the right location. You’ll want to place the display where it can be easily seen and accessed by all students.


  1. Mount the display. Most 86 inch displays come with a VESA mount, so you’ll need to find a spot on the wall or a stand that can accommodate it.


  1. Connect the power and data cables. Make sure you have all the necessary cables before you start trying to set up the display.


  1. Install the software and drivers. Once everything is connected, you can install the software that will let you use the features of the interactive display.


  1. Start using it! Now that everything is set up, you can start using your new 86 inch interactive display in your classroom. Use it for presentations, group work, or individualized instruction.




With the right tools, any classroom can be transformed into a vibrant learning environment. An 86-inch interactive display from Ikinor is an ideal way to revolutionize your classroom and make learning more engaging for students. Not only does it enhance visuals and audio effect, but it also offers many features that are designed to boost collaboration among students in the classroom. Investing in Ikinor is sure to help you bring new life into your teaching methods – so why not take the plunge today?


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