An infrared interactive whiteboard is a digital whiteboard that uses an infrared pen to interact with the board. It is similar to a regular whiteboard in that it can be used to write or draw on, but it also has the ability to connect to a computer and other digital devices. This makes it an ideal tool for businesses and schools that want to use technology in their classrooms and meeting rooms. When it comes to collaborative learning, an infrared interactive whiteboard is hard to beat.


Some of the advantages of infrared interactive whiteboards


  1. Infrared interactive whiteboards are very responsive. The technology used in these boards is very sensitive, so even the slightest movement can be detected and registered. This makes them ideal for use in interactive learning situations.


  1. Infrared interactive whiteboards are very user-friendly. They don’t require any special software or drivers to be installed, so they can be used with any computer or projector.


  1. Infrared interactive whiteboards are very versatile. They can be used for a wide range of applications, from presentations and brainstorming sessions to games and quizzes.


  1. Infrared interactive whiteboards are very affordable. The technology used in these boards is relatively inexpensive, so they are a great option for schools and businesses on a budget.


What Kinds of Applications are Available?


Interactive whiteboards are becoming increasingly popular in schools and workplaces. Many people are familiar with the basic functions of interactive whiteboards, but don’t know how the technology behind them.


Infrared interactive whiteboards use a special pen that emits infrared light. This light is detected by an infrared camera mounted on the board. The camera tracks the movement of the pen and sends this information to a computer.


The computer then interprets the movements of the pen and converts them into actions on the screen. For example, if you write something on the board, it will appear as text on the screen. You can also use the pen to control applications on the screen, such as a web browser or a PowerPoint presentation. Now, the market offers some interactive whiteboards for schools, such as digital lesson plans and assessment tools. Others are more general, such as virtual meeting software and team collaboration platforms. Before you start to buy one, make sure you find the right product and manufacturer.




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