In the digital era, interactive technology has transformed the way we collaborate and learn. Ikinor, a renowned brand in the industry, introduces the game-changing All-In-One Recordable Smart Blackboard. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, this Smart Blackboard revolutionizes the learning and meeting experiences.


Powerful Digital Whiteboard Software for Enhanced Learning and Collaboration

The Ikinor All-In-One Recordable Smart Blackboard comes equipped with a powerful digital whiteboard software that takes learning and collaboration to new heights. This feature-rich software enables users to save their work directly to their favorite cloud drives, facilitating seamless content sharing and collaboration. Additionally, the easy conversion of common office files and QR code sharing make information exchange effortless and efficient. These convenient features empower users to engage in interactive learning and streamline collaboration.

Streamlined Interaction with an Intuitive User Interface

Efficiency is paramount when it comes to interactive displays, and the Ikinor All-In-One Recordable Smart Blackboard delivers precisely that. Its intuitive user interface ensures a seamless interaction experience, making it easy for users to navigate and access the blackboard’s functionalities. With common use functions readily available on the screen, users can effortlessly engage with applications, settings, and productivity tools. The inclusion of a two-sided toolbar further enhances accessibility, allowing users to quickly access the tools they need for a productive session.

Modular Design for Easy Maintenance and Safe Shipping

Ikinor understands the significance of after-sales maintenance and the safe transportation of their products. The All-In-One Recordable Smart Blackboard is designed with a modular structure, simplifying maintenance and reducing costs. In the event of any repairs or upgrades, specific components can be easily replaced, minimizing downtime and ensuring the longevity of the blackboard.

Moreover, Ikinor ensures the safe shipping of their smart blackboards. The blackboards are carefully packaged to withstand the rigors of transportation, guaranteeing that they arrive in pristine condition. Customers can have peace of mind, knowing that their investment will be protected during transit.


The Ikinor All-In-One Recordable Smart Blackboard is a game-changer in the realm of collaborative learning and efficient meetings. Its powerful digital whiteboard software, intuitive user interface, and modular design make it the perfect choice for educational institutions, businesses, and any environment that values seamless interaction and productivity. By investing in the Ikinor All-In-One Recordable Smart Blackboard, you can unlock the true potential of collaboration and propel your organization towards success. Experience the future of interactive technology with Ikinor and witness the transformation it brings to your learning and meeting spaces.


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