The Ikinor multi touch interactive whiteboard is a new type of interactive tool that greatly facilitates participation and collaboration. It uses multi touch technology that allows multiple people to collaborate on the same whiteboard at the same time, increasing team productivity and creativity. Ikinor multi touch interactive whiteboards can be utilized in a wide range of scenarios, offering immense value and benefits across various industries and applications. Here are some additional details on how these whiteboards can be used:


Ikinor multi touch interactive whiteboard can help teachers and students carry out interactive teaching, making the classroom more lively and interesting. Teachers can use a variety of tools and resources on the whiteboard, such as drawing pens, shapes, and color palettes, to create rich and diverse teaching content that inspires students’ interest and engagement. Students can also interact with the whiteboard by touching and writing, for example by drawing diagrams, writing, etc., to present their ideas and answer questions. Such an interactive teaching environment can improve students’ attention and understanding and better meet the needs of students with different learning styles and ability levels.


Ikinor multi touch interactive whiteboards can make it easier for participants to communicate and cooperate, and improve the efficiency of meetings. Unlike traditional paper or electronic whiteboards, whiteboards can accommodate multiple people to manipulate and input information at the same time, and through simple gestures and touches, participants can share documents, presentations, and other digital resources, make real-time annotations and annotations, and brainstorm and discuss on the whiteboard. This real-time collaboration and visualization facilitates communication and understanding between teams, making meetings more interactive and productive.


The Ikinor multi touch interactive whiteboard can help speakers present more naturally and attract the audience’s attention. With rich drawing, marking and annotation tools on the whiteboard, speakers can improvise and interactively present relevant content during presentations. For example, they can use a pen to quickly draw charts, graphs, and schematics, or use shape tools to highlight highlights and key information. This real-time presentation and interaction enhances the presentation’s expressiveness and appeal, and allows the audience to understand and remember what is presented more deeply. Speakers can also take advantage of the Ikinor whiteboard’s multimedia capabilities to load video, audio and other media resources directly onto the whiteboard, adding more elements and visual effects to the presentation.


In conclusion, the Ikinor multi touch interactive whiteboard is a very practical tool that can greatly promote participation and collaboration, improve productivity and creativity.


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