At Ikinor, we are proud to introduce our Nano Smart Blackboard for schools, a revolutionary solution that seamlessly integrates traditional blackboard writing with a high-definition display and interactive touch control. Our Nano Smart Blackboard brings together the familiarity of writing with chalk or liquid pens and the advanced features of an interactive touch screen. With its ultra HD 4K resolution and 10-point touch capability, it elevates classroom teaching to new levels.



Empowering Collaboration and Communication: Advantages of Ikinor’s Nano Smart Blackboard


Collaboration and communication are essential in today’s classrooms, and our Nano Smart Blackboard is designed to empower both. Its three-panel design expands the collaborative space, encouraging active student participation and fostering teamwork. With our advanced nano touch technology, the board supports up to 20 touch points, accommodating multiple users and promoting interactivity. Students can engage with the content, work together on projects, and share ideas effortlessly. Furthermore, the built-in 4K camera and 8-array microphones enable high-quality video conferencing and seamless communication, connecting students and teachers beyond the physical boundaries of the classroom.


Convenience and Personalization at Your Fingertips: Benefits of Ikinor’s Nano Smart Blackboard


We understand the importance of convenience and personalization in the classroom. That’s why our Nano Smart Blackboard offers an easy installation and delivery process. Users also have the option to include a built-in OPS module for added functionality and versatility. Additionally, teachers can customize the home background and theme settings, creating an engaging and personalized learning environment that caters to their specific educational needs. To ensure a user-friendly and convenient setup, we provide a comprehensive accessory package that includes a stylus, remote control, and wall mount kit.


As a reliable touch screen manufacturer, Ikinor has professional & strong teams, which can develop more interactive display products to meet the needs of customers and market. With leading optical bonding production line and auto-assembling production lines, we promise to produce high-quality and high-performance interactive smart boards. With experienced and skillful workers cooperating with the production lines, we can improve production efficiency and provide customers with better products and services.


In conclusion, Ikinor’s Nano Smart Blackboard for schools is transforming the way we approach classroom teaching. By seamlessly integrating traditional writing methods with advanced interactive features, we have created a powerful tool that revolutionizes the learning experience. With its collaborative capabilities, advanced touch technology, and customizable options, our Nano Smart Blackboard empowers educators and engages students like never before. Join us at Ikinor in elevating classroom teaching with our Nano Smart Blackboard.


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