Ikinor is proud to present state-of-the-art interactive flat panel display, a multipurpose tool that transforms boardrooms, classrooms, and collaboration spaces. Explore how Ikinor’s offerings, which include Upgraded Audio, Full Function Type-C connectivity, and Dual Pen support, offer a superior interactive experience as we dig into the realm of interactive flat panel displays.


Upgraded Audio: Standard 2*15W Speakers with Optional Subwoofer 20W/6Ω


In the realm of interactive flat panel displays, immersive audio is just as crucial as stunning visuals. Ikinor’s interactive flat panel display takes your audio experience to the next level with its standard 2*15W speakers, ensuring clear and dynamic sound quality. Whether you’re conducting a multimedia-rich presentation, watching educational videos, or engaging in video conferences, our audio system delivers crystal-clear sound that captivates your audience.


But that’s not all—we offer an optional 20W/6Ω subwoofer to enhance your audio further. This subwoofer delivers deep bass, adding depth and richness to your audio content. It’s the perfect complement to our high-definition visuals, creating a fully immersive and impactful learning or presentation experience.


Full Function Type-C: Fast Power Charging and Data Transmission


Efficiency is the hallmark of Ikinor’s interactive flat panel display. Our Full Function Type-C connectivity revolutionizes the way you connect and collaborate. With multi-functional USB Type-C support, you can achieve fast power charging and seamless data transmission. This means you can charge your devices, such as laptops or tablets, quickly while simultaneously sharing content with the display.


No more hunting for multiple cables or adapters—our interactive flat panel simplifies your setup and ensures a hassle-free connection experience. It’s the ideal solution for modern, dynamic workplaces and classrooms, where time-saving and productivity are paramount.


Dual Pen Support: Simultaneous Writing in Different Colors and Thicknesses


Collaboration knows no bounds with Ikinor’s interactive flat panel display. Our innovative Dual Pen support takes interactive writing and annotation to new heights. The interactive smart board can automatically detect pen diameter (8mm & 3mm), allowing you to write or draw with precision.


Moreover, our interactive flat panel supports simultaneous writing in different colors and thicknesses. This means you and a colleague can annotate content on the screen in real-time, each using a different color and pen thickness. Whether you’re brainstorming ideas, marking up documents, or facilitating group discussions, our Dual Pen support fosters creativity and engagement.




Our commitment to enhanced audio, Full Function Type-C connectivity, and Dual Pen support ensures that your interactive experience is second to none. Whether you’re in education or business, our interactive flat panel display empowers you to engage, collaborate, and present with confidence. Experience the future of interactivity with Ikinor.


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