At Ikinor, we are passionate about the educational landscape through innovative technology. Our interactive white board for schools is a prime example of our commitment to enhancing the teaching and learning experience. Let’s explore how our interactive white board, with its durable structure and safety features, can significantly benefit educational institutions.


Durable Structure for Longevity


Our interactive white board is engineered with durability as a primary focus. The core of this durability lies in the construction of the board itself. We utilize an aluminum frame that is both robust and lightweight. This not only ensures the white board’s longevity but also simplifies installation and transportation, saving valuable time and effort for educators and administrators.


To further safeguard the board from the wear and tear of daily use, we’ve applied a special anti-scratch spray-painted finish. This protective coating not only prevents scratches but also maintains the white board’s pristine appearance, even after years of intensive use.


In a dynamic school environment where students and teachers interact with technology daily, having a durable white board is essential. Our interactive white boards can withstand the rigors of active classrooms, guaranteeing a lasting investment for educational institutions.


Safety First Design


Ensuring the safety of students and educators is a top priority for us. That’s why our electronic white boards are meticulously designed with plastic round corners. These rounded corners serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they act as a shield, protecting the white board from accidental impacts and collisions. Secondly, and more importantly, they provide an added layer of safety for students by eliminating sharp edges or corners that could potentially cause harm.


Our commitment to safety aligns perfectly with our vision of creating optimal learning environments where both educators and students can focus on teaching and learning without unnecessary safety concerns.



Our Ikinor interactive white board for schools is a game-changer for modern classrooms. Its durable structure, featuring an aluminum frame with an anti-scratch coating, guarantees longevity. The safety-focused design with rounded corners ensures the well-being of students. With Ikinor’s interactive white boards, schools can confidently embrace technology, knowing they are investing in a reliable, long-lasting, and safe tool that enhances the learning experience for all.


In today’s educational landscape, it’s not just about teaching; it’s about creating an interactive and secure environment where learning thrives. Ikinor is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative journey, empowering schools to achieve their educational goals with cutting-edge technology.


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