Are you tired of seeing your students zone out during class? Do you wish there was a way to make learning fun and interactive? Well, look no further than touch screen technology! With its engaging features and endless possibilities, it’s no wonder why more and more classrooms are adopting this innovative tool. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of touch screen technology in the classroom and how it can help boost student engagement, participation, and ultimately lead to better academic outcomes.


Touch screens for teaching have several advantages


Increase engagement and participation from students. Touch screen technology makes it easier for students to be engaged in class and helps them stay focused on the lesson. It also allows teachers to allow more freedom for student questioning and discussion.


Reduce distractions. Many students find distractions such as text messages or social media posts difficult to ignore when they are using touch screen technology in class. By limiting these distractions, teachers are able to keep students more engaged in their lessons.


Increase the accuracy of instruction. With accurate and consistent touchscreen use, instructors can ensure that all of their instructions are being followed correctly by their students. This not only ensures that the material is being learned effectively but also reduces the chance for error on the part of the instructor.


Enhance student learning outcomes.touchscreen technology has been shown to result in better student learning outcomes than traditional teaching methods. Studies have shown that students who use touch screen technology in class are better prepared for college-level work than those who do not use this type of technology.


Why Ikinor is your best choice? 


Ikinor Android 11 T982 interactive touch screen is a cost-effective solution for education. This smart interactive display gives teachers a fantastic platform to highlight guided learning tools that students can easily engage with content and problem-solving. Get your students actively involved in their learning on a 4K ultra-high-definition interactive touch screen!


Built in an infrared sensor, Ikinor smart interactive display supports high-sensitive writing: 2mm writing height and 1mm writing accuracy, fast writing, and gesture erase. Our smart interactive display brings you a stage with endless possibilities.


We are dedicated to developing a personalized interface to make all user operations more convenient and effortless. More intelligent functions and more useful learning tools are offered to improve your presentation. Furthermore, Ikinor supports OEM/ODM service, from hardware to software, to design unique digital whiteboards for teaching.




Technology is an ever-growing part of our lives, and the classroom is no exception. From touch screen technology to interactive whiteboard software, educators everywhere are finding new ways to engage students and make learning more fun. So what are you waiting for? Start engaging your students today! If you are interested in touch screen technology, welcome to contact Ikinor!


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