Collaboration is the cornerstone of success in any team or organization, and with the rise of remote work, having a reliable tool for seamless collaboration has never been more crucial. Enter Ikinor Interactive Smart Whiteboard – the game-changing solution that transforms traditional meetings into interactive and engaging experiences. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Ikinor’s innovative features can help you achieve effective communication, foster creativity, and enhance productivity in your daily operations. Get ready to take your teamwork to the next level!


Introduction to Ikinor Interactive Smart Whiteboard 


Ikinor’s interactive smart whiteboard includes a number of noteworthy characteristics, including:


  1. Aluminum is used for the frame of this interactive whiteboard, giving it a sturdy construction. It is light and anti-scratch because it was spray painted.


  1. To protect children, the corners of our electronic white boards are rounded with plastic.


  1. High-performance: Aluminum honeycomb/ceramic board with a smooth, anti-scratch nanometer-high molecular surface. There is a water-based marker on hand.


  1. Simple Maintenance: The modular PCB elements used in the design of the infrared interactive white board make it simple to disassemble and maintain.
  2. Standard Size: 83″/88″/96″/100″ with options for 4:3/16:9.


  1. Sizes between 82″ and 120″ are appropriate for OEM service.


  1. SKD Service for Interactive Whiteboards is provided.


Benefits of Using an Ikinor Interactive Smart Whiteboard 


  1. Enhance collaboration: An Ikinor interactive smart whiteboard can enhance collaboration by providing a shared workspace where team members can work on projects together. This can help to improve communication and increase productivity.


  1. Enhance presentations: An Ikinor interactive smart whiteboard can also be used to enhance presentations. With its built-in features, it is easy to create engaging and informative presentations that will capture your audience’s attention.


  1. Improve communication: An Ikinor interactive smart whiteboard can also help to improve communication between team members. With its easy-to-use features, it is simple to send messages and share files between team members, which can help to promote effective collaboration.




Ikinor‘s interactive whiteboard features streamline collaboration and make it easier than ever to work together. With the ability to track each user’s contributions, the board provides an organized view of everyone’s work and saves valuable time in meetings. Not only that, but with its intuitive design and wide range of tools, you can easily create engaging visuals for presentations or brainstorming sessions. Whether you’re working from home or in a group setting, Ikinor’s smart whiteboards bring your projects to life.


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