Technology has changed how we learn, particularly how we teach. Gone are the days when we had to rely exclusively on books and lectures to impart knowledge. Today, we have interactive whiteboards and other forms of technology that make learning much more engaging for students. One such tool is Ikinor Infrared Interactive Whiteboard. This device is perfect for use in schools, as it provides students with an interactive experience that helps them retain information better. If you’re looking for a way to improve your teaching skills, consider investing in an Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard; it will be well worth your money.


What is an Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard?


An Ikinor Infrared Touch Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard is perfect for your school teaching needs. These boards allow you to display images and diagrams onscreen, which makes them a great tool for classroom instruction. You can also use these boards to create interactive whiteboard presentations. Ikinor provides OEM and ODM interactive whiteboards for customers to save shipping costs.


Main Functions of Ikinor Interactive Boards

Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard bundles with FREE teaching whiteboard software, and we also accept OEM service!

Ikinor whiteboard software with main functions below:

  • Essential tools and aids to intelligently assist you in content preparation; 
  • Abundant teaching resources and dynamic teaching scenes; 
  • Bottom brush and palette, easy for kids to participate and collaborate; 
  • Multi-languages support; 
  • Free and all-life update. 


Benefits of using an Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard in your teaching career


The Ikinor infrared interactive whiteboard is a perfect tool for your school teaching career. This amazing device provides an easy way to share information with your students and make learning fun.

Here are some of the benefits of using an interactive whiteboard in your classroom:

-It enables you to keep up with student questions and comments easily.

-It makes learning fun and exciting for students.

-It helps engage students in class by allowing them to create their diagrams and charts.

-It helps you to share information more effectively with other teachers in the school.




If you are a school teacher, you know how valuable it is to have an interactive whiteboard for class demonstrations and lectures. Ikinor’s infrared interactive whiteboard is perfect for your needs because it offers ample space for drawing and writing and high-quality graphics that your students can easily see. With its versatile features, this whiteboard will enhance your teaching experience and help keep your students engaged.


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