Technology has revolutionized our learning, and the Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Display is a perfect example. This incredible device is perfect for teachers who want to supplement traditional teaching methods with interactive screens and digital content. Not only does this display allow for more engaging learning, but it also helps to keep students on track. Providing timely updates and interactive exercises, the Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Display can help students stay focused and improve their understanding of the material they’re studying. If you’re looking for an innovative way to teach your students, the Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Display is worth considering.


Main Features of Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Display


-High sensitive writing by infrared sensor, 2mm writing height and 1mm writing accuracy, fast writing, and gesture erase.

-Optional NTSC 85% with a greater image with vivid color display.

-Ikinor has different Android mainboard solutions for customer choice

-Ikinor supports OEM/ODM service, from hardware to software, to design a unique interactive display for your brands.


Using the Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Display in your classroom


With Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panel Display, you can bring your lessons to life in the classroom. This versatile tool is perfect for both general education and specialized courses. It’s easy to set up and offers various features that can help you teach effectively.


The display is portable, so you can take it wherever you go. You can also use it with other learning tools, such as audio and video recordings. The large screen makes it easy to see what your students are doing.

Are you looking to add an interactive element to your lessons? Check out Ikinor’s flat-panel display!


Benefits of Ikinor Interactive Flat Panel Displays for Teaching


The benefits of using interactive flat panel displays for teaching are numerous. Whether you are a new or experienced teacher, these displays can improve your instruction by making learning more engaging and fun.


Interactive flat-panel displays have become increasingly common in classrooms across the United States. This is likely because they offer many advantages over traditional teaching methods. For one, interactive displays allow students to explore information independently (rather than having it spoon-fed to them). This allows students to retain information better and learn more independently. Additionally, interactive displays make learning enjoyable for both students and teachers. In addition, educators can keep students engaged in class by providing engaging content and graphics and improving their attention spans.


One of the biggest benefits of interactive flat-panel displays is that they facilitate collaborative learning. By allowing classmates to share ideas and feedback, classroom discussions are encouraged, and participants learn from each other at a much faster pace. Some studies suggest that collaboration is a key factor contributingto student success in school.


Overall, there are many reasons why you should consider using an interactive flat-panel display in your classroom. These devices provide many benefits for students and educators, making them powerful tools for learning.




If you’re looking for an interactive flat panel display to help you teach your students more effectively, ikinor is the perfect option. With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features, ikinor can help you engage and educate your students in an engaging and effective way. If you’re interested in learning more about ikinor’s capabilities or want to get started using it in your classroom, be sure to contact us today!


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