In today’s world, it’s hard to find a classroom with no electronic device. Whether it’s a laptop for the students, a whiteboard for the teachers, or even an iPad for the principal, technology has infiltrated our classrooms in unprecedented ways. But not all of this innovation is good. Plenty of negative consequences are associated with the widespread use of electronic devices in classrooms. One of these consequences is discomfort; students and teachers spend more time on their devices instead of engaging with one another. To combat this issue, consider using Ikinor interactive screens in your classrooms. These devices provide a more comfortable environment for the students and allow you to engage them in hands-on learning activities.


The Functions of Ikinor Interactive Screens For Classrooms


Ikinor Interactive Screens for Classrooms are the perfect way to make your teaching environment more comfortable for you and your students. These screens can display different types of information, including images, videos, and text. They can also create interactive lessons that involve multiple students at once.


Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard bundles with FREE teaching whiteboard software, and we also accept OEM service!

Ikinor whiteboard software with main functions below:

  • Essential tools and aids to intelligently assist you in content preparation; 
  • Abundant teaching resources and dynamic teaching scenes; 
  • Bottom brush and palette, easy for kids to participate and collaborate; 
  • Multi-languages support; 
  • Free and all-life update. 


The Advantages of Interactive Screens in Classrooms


Teachers are always looking for ways to make their classrooms more comfortable, and interactive screens can be great. Interactive screens can provide students with immediate feedback on their work, which can help them learn more effectively. They also offer teachers the ability to give visual instructions to students, which can save time and make the learning process more efficient. Additionally, interactive screens can help boost student engagement in a class by making them feel like they are part of the learning process.




These screens are designed specifically for classrooms and can be used to display different types of information or content. If you want to make your classroom more comfortable or add a little interactivity, you may want to consider using Ikinor interactive screens for classrooms.


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