School is a time for learning and growth, but it can also be when students are bored. That’s where Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard comes in. This AI tool is perfect for any classroom, as it provides students with an interactive way to learn. Not only is Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard fun and engaging, but it’s also very useful. This blog post will explore Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard in your school environment.


What is an Interactive Whiteboard?


An Interactive Whiteboard is a computer system that allows teachers and students to interact with each other by drawing on a large surface. It has many uses, such as collaborative learning or presentations in classrooms. 


One of the most popular Interactive Whiteboards on the market is the Ikinor AI Board. This board is used in IR touch. The tags of Electronic whiteboard, Infrared Interactive Whiteboard, Infrared Whiteboard, Interactive Whiteboard, IWB, Smartboard, and Touch Whiteboard can recognize it. Additionally, the Ikinor AI Board can be connected to other devices, such as projectors and screens, to create even more possibilities for classroom use.


Main Features of Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard for School


  • Ultra aluminum frame with painting treatment, anti-scratch, and low weight; 
  • Arc plastic round conner designed for kids’ protection; 
  • Aluminum honeycomb/ceramic board with Nanometer high molecule surface is smooth and anti-scratch.Water-based marker is available; 
  • Module PCB parts are designed, easy to separate and disassemble, and easy to maintain; 
  • OEM sizes from 82″ to 120″acceptable.


Main Functions of Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard for School


  • Essential tools and aids to intelligently assist you in content preparation; 
  • Abundant teaching resources and dynamic teaching scenes; 
  • Bottom brush and palette, easy for kids to participate and collaborate; 
  • Multi-languages support; 
  • Free and all-life update. 




If you’re looking for an AI tool to help your classroom stay organized and keep track of student activities, Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard for School is worth a look. This whiteboard app allows teachers to jot down notes or assign tasks to students easily. Plus, using the cloud-based features, it’s easy to share materials across classrooms. If you need an AI tool that will make learning more effective, Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard is worth considering.


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