Meetings can be a real drag. From the endless discussions that go nowhere to the unclear action items that leave everyone scratching their heads, they often feel like an unproductive exercise in futility. But what if there was a tool that could turn your meetings into engaging and productive sessions? Introducing Ikinor‘s Interactive Smart Blackboard – the ultimate solution for any team looking to take their meeting game to the next level. With its innovative features and intuitive design, it’s no wonder why so many businesses are turning to this powerful tool for all of their collaboration needs. So buckle up and get ready to say goodbye to boring meetings forever!


Ikinor’s Interactive Smart Blackboard is the most advanced and useful tool now on the market for organizing meetings in a way that is both engaging and productive. By utilizing this technology, attendees are afforded the opportunity to not only contribute information, but also to communicate with one another and to keep a real-time track of the most important events. People are able to easily interact with the whiteboard due to the fact that it can be touched in addition to its other capabilities. As a consequence of this, it is an element that must always be present in a conference room.

How it works

Ikinor’s Interactive Smart Blackboard is the ultimate tool for engaging and productive meetings. This blackboard app allows participants to interact with each other through virtual whiteboards, making it easy to communicate and collaborate. Additionally, the app keeps track of meeting minutes and can be used as a whiteboard sketchbook, which makes it perfect for drawing up ideas or diagrams. Ikinor provides a variety of tools for managing meeting schedules and agendas, which makes organizing and running meetings a breeze.

Benefits of an Ikinor interactive smart blackboard meeting or classroom

Today’s workplaces are more collaborative than ever before, but many people still prefer face-to-face meetings. There are many benefits to using an Ikinor Smart Blackboard in your meeting or classroom setting, including:

The ability to share materials and collaborate on projects with colleagues is easier than ever before.

No need for expensive hardware or software – the board works with any device that has a internet connection.

A blackboard can be used for any purpose, from brainstorming ideas to recording meeting minutes.

With the help of an Ikinor Smart Blackboard, meeting productivity will skyrocket!


In today’s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to have productive meetings. With the help of Ikinor’s Interactive Smart Blackboard, you can ensure that every meeting is an engaging and valuable experience for all involved. Not only does this software allow attendees to share ideas and feedback instantaneously, but it also keeps track of who has spoken, which makes sure everyone gets their fair share of the spotlight. Whether your team is currently struggling to stay on schedule or you just want to make sure each meeting is as productive as possible, Ikinor’s Interactive Smart Blackboard is the perfect tool for the job.



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