Welcome to Ikinor, where we bring cutting-edge technology to the classroom with our Nano Smart Blackboard for schools. As an industry leader, we understand the evolving needs of educators and students alike. That’s why we have developed a revolutionary solution that seamlessly integrates traditional teaching methods with advanced interactive features. Our Nano Smart Blackboard is designed to transform the classroom into an immersive and engaging learning environment.



Interactive Learning Experience: How Ikinor’s Nano Smart Blackboard Transforms Teaching


With our Nano Smart Blackboard, we have reimagined the blackboard experience. Our innovative design combines the familiarity of a traditional blackboard with the functionality of an electronic display. This integration allows for a versatile learning experience, where teachers can effortlessly switch between writing with chalk or using various liquid pens. The result? A truly interactive teaching method that promotes student engagement and participation.


Equipped with Ultra HD 4K resolution and 10-point touch capability, our Nano Smart Blackboard offers a visually stunning and immersive learning environment. Students can experience crystal-clear visuals and interact with the content directly on the board. Whether it’s solving math problems, exploring virtual simulations, or collaborating on projects, our Nano Smart Blackboard empowers students to take an active role in their education.


Collaborative Education Made Easy: Advantages of Ikinor’s Nano Smart Blackboard


Collaboration is key in today’s classrooms, and our Nano Smart Blackboard is designed to foster it. With its three-panel design, it provides a larger collaborative space, allowing for enhanced student participation. Thanks to our advanced nano touch technology, the board supports up to 20 touch points, accommodating finger, capacitive pen, and even chalk writing. This versatility ensures that every student can actively contribute, making learning a truly collaborative experience.


Simplified Maintenance and Personalization: Benefits of Ikinor’s Nano Smart Blackboard


We understand the importance of seamless communication in the modern classroom. That’s why our Nano Smart Blackboard comes equipped with a built-in 4K camera and 8-array microphones. This enables high-definition video conferencing and seamless communication, connecting students and teachers beyond the physical classroom. Whether it’s virtual field trips, guest lectures, or remote learning, our Nano Smart Blackboard ensures that everyone stays connected.


At Ikinor, we believe in providing convenience and personalization. Our Nano Smart Blackboard features a modular design, making after-sales maintenance easy and cost-effective. Additionally, teachers can customize the home background and theme settings, creating an engaging and personalized learning environment. And with our comprehensive accessory package, including a stylus, remote control, and wall mount kit, we ensure a hassle-free setup for educators.


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