Looking to establish your brand’s presence in the interactive display market? Ikinor, a leading LED interactive whiteboard manufacturer, offers OEM Interactive Flat Panel that provides the perfect avenue for your brand’s success. With a rich history of delivering top-quality products and services, we collaborate closely with brands to create bespoke Interactive Flat Panel Displays that align precisely with their vision.

The Ikinor Advantage for OEM Interactive Flat Panels:

Experience and Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, Ikinor possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in interactive display technologies. As your OEM partner, we leverage this expertise to create innovative and reliable Interactive Flat Panels for your brand.

Seamless Design and Manufacturing: Ikinor works diligently to streamline the OEM process, guiding brands from concept development to product manufacturing. Our dedicated team ensures that your brand’s Interactive Flat Panels undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to meet industry standards.

Customer-Centric Approach: Customer satisfaction is at the core of Ikinor’s philosophy. We prioritize open communication with customers, keeping them informed at every step of the OEM journey. Your brand’s vision and requirements are of utmost importance, and Ikinor strives to deliver exactly what you expect.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Ikinor’s OEM Interactive Flat Panels are equipped with cutting-edge technology, delivering stunning visuals and seamless touch interactions. This ensures that your brand’s interactive displays stand out in the market.

Reliable and Cost-Efficient: Ikinor’s commitment to quality and efficiency ensures that your brand’s OEM Interactive Flat Panels are not only reliable but also cost-effective. By optimizing production processes, we deliver exceptional products without compromising on quality.


Ikinor’s OEM Interactive Flat Panels provide your brand with the perfect avenue to make a mark in the competitive interactive display market. With a customer-centric approach, cutting-edge technology, and a focus on reliability, we are the ideal partner to bring your brand’s vision to life. Collaborate with Ikinor for your OEM needs and witness your brand’s success with industry-level products and services.


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