Welcome to Ikinor, where we redefine interactive experiences with our cutting-edge OEM/ODM Interactive Flat Panel solutions. With a focus on innovation and functionality, our interactive flat panels empower businesses and institutions to enhance collaboration, engage their audience, and unlock new possibilities. Through advanced technology, customized solutions, and seamless integration, we are revolutionizing the way industries across education, corporate, and retail sectors interact and communicate.



Cutting-Edge Technology for Interactive Experiences


At Ikinor, we believe in pushing the boundaries of interactive technology to deliver unparalleled user experiences. Our OEM/ODM Interactive Flat Panel solutions feature advanced touch-screen capabilities that enable seamless interaction. With precise touch sensitivity and responsiveness, users can effortlessly navigate through content, annotate, and interact with ease. The 4K Ultra HD resolution ensures stunning visuals, providing crisp and vibrant images that captivate audiences. Additionally, our flat panels incorporate gesture recognition and multi-touch functionality, allowing for intuitive and natural usage, further enhancing the interactive experience.


Customized Solutions for Diverse Industry Applications


We understand that different industries have unique requirements and objectives. That’s why our OEM/ODM Interactive Flat Panel solutions offer versatile options that cater to various sectors, including education, corporate, and retail. Through close collaboration with our clients, we tailor our flat panels to meet specific industry needs. Whether it’s interactive tools for student engagement in education, productivity-enhancing features for corporate environments, or immersive customer experiences in retail, our customized solutions elevate performance, collaboration, and customer satisfaction.


Seamless Integration and Compatibility


At Ikinor, we recognize the importance of integration and compatibility in maximizing the value of our OEM/ODM Interactive Flat Panel solutions. Our flat panels are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing software and systems, ensuring a hassle-free implementation process. Whether it’s integrating with learning management systems in educational institutions or syncing with collaboration platforms in corporate settings, our flat panels provide a seamless user experience. Furthermore, our flat panels are compatible with popular operating systems and devices, allowing users to leverage their preferred platforms and tools. With simplified installation and setup processes, we ensure minimal disruption and a smooth transition to our interactive flat panel solutions.


With Ikinor’s OEM/ODM Interactive Flat Panel solutions, we empower businesses and institutions to unleash innovation and functionality in their interactive experiences. Through cutting-edge technology, including advanced touch-screen capabilities, 4K Ultra HD resolution, and gesture recognition, we redefine the way users interact with digital content. Our customized solutions cater to diverse industry applications, enhancing productivity, collaboration, and customer experiences. Moreover, our seamless integration and compatibility ensure a seamless user experience and effortless adoption. Embrace the future of interactive technology with Ikinor’s OEM/ODM Interactive Flat Panel solutions and unlock the full potential of your business or institution.


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