Ikinor, a company committed to innovation, has raised the bar for interactive touch panels. In this post, we’ll examine interactive touch displays and the tremendous advantages they provide, particularly when driven by cutting-edge technology from Ikinor.


What is an Interactive Touch Screen?


An interactive touch screen is a technology marvel that combines a display screen with touch-sensitive capabilities, allowing users to interact directly with digital content using their fingers or a stylus. These screens are highly versatile and find applications in various sectors, including education, business, healthcare, and entertainment.


Benefits of Ikinor’s Interactive Touch Screen:


  1. High Accuracy Infrared 40-Point Touch: Ikinor’s interactive touch screen is designed to offer a touch experience like no other. We supports a remarkable 40-point touch capability, ensuring that every touch is detected with precision and instant response. This level of accuracy is invaluable for tasks that require fine control, whether it’s writing, drawing, or intricate gestures. Users can enjoy an ultra-fine touch experience that feels natural and responsive.


  1. Android 11 Main Board: Ikinor’s commitment to delivering cost-efficient yet powerful solutions is exemplified by the Android 11 Main Board powering its interactive touch screen. This chipset offers a seamless and efficient user experience. The standard storage includes 4GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM, ensuring smooth performance. For those requiring even more power and storage, the option to expand to 8GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM is available. This versatility allows users to tailor the interactive touch screen to their specific needs, making it an adaptable and future-proof solution.


  1. Zero Bonding Technology: Ikinor’s dedication to enhancing visual quality is evident through its use of Zero Bonding Technology. This technology eliminates the air gap between the touch sensor and the display panel, resulting in a high-quality video presentation. The result is an immersive visual experience that surpasses traditional displays. Whether you’re using the interactive touch screen for presentations, entertainment, or educational purposes, the visuals are nothing short of stunning, enhancing engagement and impact.




Ikinor’s Interactive Touch Screen is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. With high accuracy 40-point touch support, Android 11 Main Board versatility, and Zero Bonding Technology, Ikinor redefines the way we interact with digital content. Whether in classrooms, boardrooms, healthcare facilities, or entertainment venues, Ikinor’s Interactive Touch Screen delivers an unparalleled user experience, setting a new standard for interactivity and engagement.


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