At Ikinor, we’re passionate about enhancing education through technology, and our interactive panel for education is at the forefront of this mission. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the concept of an interactive panel for education and highlight the advantages of Ikinor’s offering, including Optional HD Out Mirroring, Remote Control capabilities, Split Screen functionality, and Dual Pen support.


What is an Interactive Panel for Education?


An interactive panel for education, often referred to as an interactive flat panel display, is a powerful tool designed to transform traditional teaching and learning methods. It combines the functionality of a traditional white board with advanced technology, creating an interactive and engaging classroom environment.


Advantages of Ikinor’s Interactive Panel for Education:


  1. Optional HD Out Mirroring:


   Ikinor’s interactive panel for education offers Optional HD Out Mirroring, a feature that allows presenters to magnify screen content for more engaging large venue presentations. Whether you’re teaching in a spacious auditorium, conducting a seminar, or delivering a captivating lecture, this feature ensures that your content is visible and impactful to every member of your audience.


  1. Remote Control:


   Managing and controlling content in the classroom has never been easier. With the inclusion of a LAN/RS232 control port, our 311D2 interactive flat panel allows administrators to control and manage displayed content and defaults from a connected display remotely. This means that you can adjust settings, switch between presentations, and maintain a seamless learning experience without leaving your desk.


  1. Split Screen Functionality:


   Collaboration is a key component of modern education, and Ikinor’s interactive panel fosters it effortlessly. The Split Screen functionality allows educators to share content easily and inspire group discussions. Whether you want to display multimedia content alongside lecture notes, compare historical events, or showcase different perspectives simultaneously, the interactive panel’s split screen feature enables dynamic and interactive learning experiences.


  1. Dual Pen Support:


   The interactive smart board can automatically detect pen diameter (8mm & 3mm) and support simultaneous writing in different colors and thicknesses. This Dual Pen support promotes interactivity and engagement in the classroom. Teachers and students can collaborate, annotate, and interact with content in real-time, fostering a more immersive and participatory learning environment.




Ikinor’s Interactive Panel for Education represents a significant advancement in modern pedagogy. With features like Optional HD Out Mirroring for engaging large audiences, Remote Control for seamless content management, Split Screen for collaborative learning, and Dual Pen support for interactive teaching, our interactive panel empowers educators to deliver more dynamic and effective lessons. Experience the future of education with Ikinor.


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