Are you sick of your classroom’s antiquated technology? Do you wish to make learning immersive and engaging for your students? Look no farther than the 75-inch Smart Board from Ikinor! With the help of this innovative technology, you can teach more effectively, engage your pupils, and boost their academic achievement. We’ll discuss the many advantages of using an Ikinor Smart Board in your classroom in this blog post. Be ready to raise the bar on education!


What are the benefits of using an Ikinor smart board in the classroom?


  1. Ikinor’s75 Inch Smart Board is the perfect tool to help improve student engagement in your classroom. This is because it allows teachers to communicate with their students in a more fluid way, which can help them learn faster and retain information better. With its interactive features, students can explore and learn more about the material at their own pace.


  1. The smart board also helps teachers to track student progress and share learning experiences with other educators. Additionally, it provides an convenient way for students to take notes during class.


  1. Finally, the Ikinor smart board can also be used as a teaching tool for math, science, and language classes. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, this board is perfect for helping students understand complex concepts.


Features of Ikinor 75 Inch Smart Board 


1.Our PCAP touch screen enables simultaneous annotation by several users on the thin panel.

2.High-end chip-set solution with RAM and ROM storage that is 4G and 32G respectively. It has an 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM expansion slot.

3.NTSC 85% is an optional feature that allows display larger images with vibrant colors.

4.With the help of this interactive panel, which uses optical bonding technology, you can view high-definition videos that are more immersive than ever.

  1. 2 standard 15-watt speakers, with a 20-watt subwoofer as an option.
  2. Our interactive display board supports the multipurpose USB Type-C connection for data transmission and quick power charging.

7.Detects pen diameter (8 mm & 3 mm) automatically while writing concurrently in various colors and densities.

8.Presenters can magnify screen material with optional HDMI Out Mirroring to make their large-venue presentations more interesting.

  1. Using the LAN/RS232 control port, administrators can remotely control and manage the defaults and content displayed on connected displays from a PC using LAN IP.
  2. Easily share content and encourage group discussion with split screens.

11.The Humanized Design System is user-friendly. The tool bar on both sides, the system center, the float icon balls, the annotation software, the screen mirror feature, and the office software are just a few of the numerous humanized designs it features.




By providing students with a tool that is both interactive and informative, the Ikinor 75 Inch smart board can help to improve student engagement and achievement. Compared to other similar boards on the market, Ikinor is much cheaper and easier to use – meaning that it can be used by more schools without breaking the bank! Welcome to contact us for more details!


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