In today’s digital era, interactive technology has become an integral part of modern classrooms. Ikinor, a leading brand in interactive display solutions, is at the forefront of this revolution with its innovative PCAP touch technology. With a focus on large format touchscreen displays, Ikinor is empowering educators and students to engage in a more interactive and immersive learning experience.


Enhancing Learning with Large Format Touchscreen Displays

Ikinor’s PCAP touch technology offers a range of large format touchscreen displays that provide educators with a dynamic platform for classroom collaboration. Available in various sizes, including 75″, 86″ and 98″, these displays cater to the diverse needs of educational institutions. With high-resolution visuals and smooth touch response, Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panels deliver an unrivaled interactive experience.

Versatile Functionality for Classroom Collaboration and Writing Options

One of the standout features of Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panels is their versatility in writing options. These panels support not only traditional writing with ordinary chalk but also accommodate dust-free chalk and various ink pens. This flexibility allows educators to choose their preferred writing tools and encourages student participation in various writing activities. With the ability to annotate directly on the screen, teachers can effortlessly highlight key concepts, solve problems, and foster collaboration among students.



Ikinor’s PCAP touch technology revolutionizes classroom interactivity by offering large format touchscreen displays with versatile functionality and captivating visual experiences. With the ability to support various writing options and incorporate NTSC technology for vibrant visuals, Ikinor’s Interactive Flat Panels empower educators to create immersive learning environments. By embracing Ikinor’s innovative solution


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