Ikinor, a trusted leader in interactive display solutions, offers a range of innovative interactive meeting displays that are designed to transform traditional classrooms and meeting rooms into engaging and interactive spaces. With their cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, Ikinor interactive boards are revolutionizing the way education and business collaboration take place.


A Comprehensive Range of Sizes to Suit Every Need

Ikinor understands that different spaces have different requirements. That’s why they offer a comprehensive range of sizes for their interactive meeting displays, ensuring that there is a perfect fit for every environment. From the compact 65″ 4K display to the impressive 110″ 4K display, Ikinor has a solution to meet the needs of classrooms, boardrooms, and everything in between. 

Ikinor T982: The Ultimate Cost-Effective Solution for Education

Specifically designed for the education sector, the Ikinor T982 4K interactive touch screen is a cost-effective solution that empowers teachers and students alike. With this smart interactive display, teachers have a fantastic platform to highlight guided learning tools that students can easily engage with. From interactive quizzes to collaborative group activities, the T982 encourages active participation and fosters a dynamic learning environment. 


Interactive Touch Screen

The Ikinor T982 interactive touch screen goes beyond traditional teaching methods by providing a wide range of features that foster collaboration and creativity. With the ability to annotate and draw directly on the screen, teachers and students can work together in real-time, brainstorming ideas and solving problems together. The interactive display also allows for seamless integration with other devices, enabling participants to share content effortlessly. 


Ikinor’s interactive meeting displays are transforming the way education and business collaboration take place. With a comprehensive range of sizes, the perfect fit for any environment is guaranteed. The cost-effective T982 interactive touch screen empowers teachers and engages students, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment. By promoting collaboration and creativity, Ikinor’s interactive boards are revolutionizing the way we teach, learn, and conduct business.


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