In the modern era of education, traditional blackboards have evolved into smart blackboard that offer enhanced functionality and interactivity. Ikinor, a leading provider of innovative educational solutions, introduces the revolutionary Ikinor E-Blackboard. This all-in-one smart blackboard solution integrates a high-definition display, touchscreen functionality, and blackboard writing into a single device. With Ikinor E-Blackboard, educators can transform their classrooms and create a dynamic learning environment.

Seamless Integration of Display, Touchscreen, and Blackboard Writing

The concept of Ikinor E-Blackboard is centered around its seamless integration of display, touchscreen, and blackboard writing capabilities. Unlike traditional blackboards, which require separate display screens and writing boards, Ikinor E-Blackboard combines these elements into a unified platform. The high-definition display ensures crystal-clear visuals, allowing educators to present content with utmost clarity. The touchscreen functionality enables teachers and students to interact directly with the screen, facilitating dynamic engagement and collaboration. Additionally, the blackboard writing surface allows educators to write and draw naturally using traditional writing tools.

Enhancing Collaboration and Engagement with a Spacious Educational Platform

Ikinor E-Blackboard offers a spacious educational platform that goes beyond the limitations of traditional blackboards. With its large surface area, educators have ample space to present and annotate content, fostering collaboration and engagement among students. Whether it’s solving math problems, brainstorming ideas, or analyzing complex concepts, the expansive screen of Ikinor E-Blackboard provides an immersive learning experience.

The interactive nature of the touchscreen further enhances collaboration and engagement. Students can actively participate by interacting with the content, making annotations, and sharing their ideas. The intuitive touch interface encourages student involvement and fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Moreover, Ikinor E-Blackboard supports multi-touch functionality, allowing multiple students to collaborate simultaneously, promoting teamwork and cooperation.

Streamlined Teaching Experience with Advanced Features and Tools

Ikinor E-Blackboard is equipped with advanced features and tools that streamline the teaching experience. The integrated software provides seamless integration with educational applications, granting teachers access to a wide range of resources, multimedia content, and interactive tools. This empowers educators to create engaging and interactive lessons that cater to different learning styles.

One of the standout features of Ikinor E-Blackboard is its handwriting recognition capability. Teachers can write naturally on the blackboard writing surface, and the device will instantly convert their handwritten notes into digital text. This feature not only saves time but also enables easy sharing and collaboration, as digital notes can be shared with students or saved for future reference.


Ikinor E-Blackboard revolutionizes the way educators approach teaching and learning. With its all-in-one design, integrating a high-definition display, touchscreen functionality, and blackboard writing, Ikinor E-Blackboard eliminates the need for separate equipment and offers a seamless user experience. The spacious educational platform and advanced features empower educators to create engaging, interactive, and collaborative lessons. Experience the future of education with Ikinor E-Blackboard and unlock new possibilities in the classroom. Together, let’s revolutionize education and inspire the next generation of learners.


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