As a professional interactive display solution provider, Ikinor offers a wide range of interactive display products to meet the needs of different users. One of our most popular products is the interactive e-blackboard, which is a revolutionary teaching tool that has transformed the way educators approach classroom instruction.

Benefits of using the interactive e-blackboard in the classroom

The interactive e-blackboard offers many benefits for both teachers and students. For teachers, it allows for easy presentation of digital content and enables them to easily switch between different teaching materials. They can also use various tools like digital pens, highlighting tools, and more to enhance their lectures. For students, it provides a more engaging and interactive learning experience, as they can easily interact with the content and participate in class activities. The interactive e-blackboard also improves student retention and understanding by providing a visual and interactive way of presenting information.

Different ways the interactive e-blackboard can be used for student collaboration The interactive e-blackboard is not just a tool for teachers, but it can also be used for student collaboration. Students can work together on projects, share ideas, and present their work to the class using the interactive e-blackboard. This promotes a more collaborative and inclusive classroom environment, where students are encouraged to work together and learn from one another.

Comparison of the interactive e-blackboard to traditional blackboards and other interactive display boards

When compared to traditional blackboards, the interactive e-blackboard provides a more efficient and engaging teaching experience. It eliminates the need for chalk or markers, reduces dust and clutter, and provides a more visually appealing way to present information. Additionally, compared to other interactive display boards, the interactive e-blackboard is more user-friendly and intuitive. It is also more affordable than other similar products on the market, making it a great choice for educational institutions looking for high-quality interactive display solutions.


In conclusion, the interactive e-blackboard from Ikinor is a game-changing tool for teachers and students alike. It offers numerous benefits and promotes a more collaborative and engaging classroom environment. It is also more affordable than other similar products on the market, making it an attractive choice for schools and educational institutions. If you are looking for a reliable and innovative interactive display solution provider, look no further than Ikinor. With our OEM feature, we can even customize our products to meet your specific needs and requirements. Upgrade your classroom with the interactive e-blackboard from Ikinor today!


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