There are many benefits to using a Ikinor smart board in the classroom. For one, they can help engage students in the lesson material. Studies have shown that students who use interactive whiteboards are more engaged and have better academic outcomes than those who don’t.

When it comes to the interactive Smart Board , there are many benefits that make this technology an excellent tool for engaging students in the classroom. One of the most beneficial aspects of the smart board is its interactivity. This allows students to get involved with the content on the screen and makes learning more exciting and engaging. Additionally, the use of a smart board can help to promote collaboration among students as they work together to solve problems or complete tasks. Additionally, smart boards can be used to provide visual aids that can help students understand concepts more easily. Finally, the use of a smart board can help save time in the classroom as teachers can prepare materials in advance and access them quickly during class.

Creative Ideas for Using the Smart Board in the Classroom

There are many ways to get creative with the interactive Smart Board in order to engage students in the classroom. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Use the smart board to create an interactive game for review or practice. Students can work together in teams to answer questions or solve problems.
  2. Use the smart board to create a multimedia presentation. This can be used to supplement your lecture or as a stand-alone lesson.
  3. Use the smart board to record a video of your lesson. This can be shared with other teachers or students who missed the class.
  4. Use the smart board to create an online poll or survey. This is a great way to collect data and get feedback from students about your lesson.


The interactive Smart Board is a great tool for engaging students in the classroom. With its many features, it enables teachers to create dynamic and creative lessons that stimulate learning and spark curiosity. We hope our five creative ways to engage your students with the interactive smart board have given you some ideas of how to make class time more interesting and productive for your students. By making use of these methods, you can help ensure that every student has an enjoyable learning experience!


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