Are you tired of traditional whiteboards that limit your teaching capabilities? Upgrade to an Ikinor 75-inch smart blackboard for an interactive learning experience like never before. With advanced features and intuitive technology, this cutting-edge tool is revolutionizing the way educators teach and students learn. From digital note-taking to seamless collaboration, discover the endless benefits of using a 75-inch smart blackboard in your classroom or meeting room. Get ready to transform your teaching game with this ultimate educational ally!

Features of the Ikinor Smart Blackboard

  1. Seamless three panels connect together;
  2. Perfect for classrooms, support normalwriting with ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk, and various ink pens;
  3. function of an ordinary blackboard, high-definition display, and interactive touch control in the middle display;
  4. Feature: Ultra HD 4K Resolution; Multiple Type Writing: 10-Point Touch in the Middle;
  5. Easy installation and delivery; optional built-in OPS.

Benefits of Using a 75 Inch Smart Blackboard for Interactive Learning

There are many benefits to using an Ikinor 75-inch smart blackboard for interactive learning. One benefit is that it allows the learner to be more engaged in the lesson. When students are able to see the lesson material on a large screen in front of them, they are more likely to pay attention and remember what they have learned.

Another benefit of using a smart board is that it can help promote critical thinking skills. When students are able to see the material on a large scale, they can better analyze and understand it.

Finally, using a smart board can also help save time. Teachers can prepare their lessons in advance and then simply load them onto the blackboard before class.

How to Utilize a 75-Inch Smart Blackboard for Effective Learning

Create an interactive scavenger hunt: Students can use the blackboard to search for clues and solve puzzles as part of a larger game or activity.

Conduct mini-lessons: The blackboard’s large size makes it perfect for conducting mini-lessons on specific topics or concepts.

Engage in group activities: Utilizing the blackboard as part of group activities such as brainstorming sessions or debates can help promote teamwork and collaboration among students.


 A 75-inch smartboard provides a great way to enhance interactive learning experiences in the classroom. With its large size and advanced features, it can make lessons more engaging by allowing students to interact with content in a hands-on way. It also allows schools to save money since they don’t need to buy a projector or other technology for each classroom. Finally, having an interactive tool like this can help spark creativity among students and encourage them to think outside the box when approaching projects or solving problems.


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