Introducing Ikinor’s Nano Smart Blackboard for schools, the perfect blend of tradition and technology. At Ikinor, we understand the importance of creating a seamless and interactive learning experience for educators and students. That’s why we have developed a revolutionary solution that combines the functionality of a traditional blackboard with the power of an interactive touch screen. Our Nano Smart Blackboard is designed to elevate classroom teaching to new heights.



The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Technology: Ikinor’s Nano Smart Blackboard


Our Nano Smart Blackboard is an innovative solution that preserves the essence of a traditional blackboard while offering advanced technological capabilities. It seamlessly integrates the familiar feel of writing with chalk and the versatility of using liquid pens. This flexibility allows educators to adopt various teaching methods that suit their preferences and instructional styles. With its high-definition display and 10-point touch control, our Nano Smart Blackboard ensures a seamless interactive learning experience that captivates students’ attention.


Fostering Collaboration and Engagement: Advantages of Ikinor’s Nano Smart Blackboard


Collaboration is at the heart of effective education, and our Nano Smart Blackboard is designed to foster it. Its three-panel design creates a collaborative educational space that encourages student participation. With our advanced nano touch technology, the board supports up to 20 touch points, enabling multi-user interaction and a smooth writing experience. Students can actively engage with the content, collaborate on projects, and share ideas effortlessly. Additionally, the built-in 4K camera and 8-array microphones facilitate high-quality online video conferencing and crystal-clear audio, ensuring seamless communication both inside and outside the classroom.


User-Friendly Features and Customization: Benefits of Ikinor’s Nano Smart Blackboard


At Ikinor, we believe in providing user-friendly solutions that enhance the overall experience. Our Nano Smart Blackboard offers a simple installation and delivery process, and for added functionality, users have the option to include a built-in OPS module. The intuitive interface allows for easy navigation, and personalized settings enable users to choose their preferred background and access useful tools that enrich the learning environment. To ensure a hassle-free setup, we provide a comprehensive accessory package that includes a stylus, remote control, and power cord.


In conclusion, Ikinor’s Nano Smart Blackboard for schools is revolutionizing the way we approach education. By seamlessly blending tradition and technology, we have created a powerful tool that transforms the classroom into an interactive and collaborative space. With its innovative features, user-friendly interface, and customization options, our Nano Smart Blackboard empowers educators and engages students like never before. Join us at Ikinor in embracing the future of education with our Nano Smart Blackboard.


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