Are you tired of boring, outdated presentations that fail to capture the attention of your audience? Look no further than interactive display boards! These innovative tools are revolutionizing corporate settings by enhancing collaboration,increasing engagement, and improving overall productivity. In this blog post, we’ll explore the many benefits of using interactive display boards in your workplace and how they can take your presentations to the next level. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn about a game-changing technology that’s sure to impress both employees and clients alike.

The Ikinor Interactive Panel

An interactive display board is a digital representation of real-world information that can be used by employees in corporate settings. It allows employees to access information quickly and easily, increasing their efficiency and productivity.

A PCAP touchscreen with cutting-edge optical bonding technology, the Ikinor interactive panel can respond rapidly, show users vivid visuals, and provide a comfortable writing experience. Your meeting looks better thanks to the improved audio. The interactive display that is required for meetings or instruction is the Ikinor PCAP touch screen. The design can be altered.

Some of the Benefits of Using an Interactive Display Board Include:

Increased Efficiency: With an interactive display board, employees can access information more quickly and easily, which can increase their efficiency and productivity.

Improved Communication: Employees can easily communicate with each other and with supervisors using an interactive display board. This helps to improve communication between departments and coordination among employees.

Reduced Time Spent on Mundane Tasks: By providing quick access to important information, an interactive display board can reduce time spent on mundane tasks such as research. This freed up time for more productive activities.

Increased engagement: an interactive display board keeps employees engaged by providing them with current information that is relevant to their work. This increases morale and engagement throughout the company.


Interactive display boards from Ikinor are a great tool for corporate settings, as they can help to engage employees and provide valuable information in an easily digestible format. By providing relevant news and updates in an engaging way, interactive display boards can help keep employees informed and motivated. In addition, by displaying important company data in an easy-to-read format, interactive display boards can help managers track employee performance more effectively. So if you’re looking for a way to improve employee morale and productivity in your business setting, consider using an interactive display board!


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