Productivity is key in any business, and with the amount of work that goes into running a successful operation, it’s no wonder employees are looking for ways to be more productive. Whether you’re a small business owner or an employee working in an office setting, there are many ways to be more efficient and get your work done faster.


What are the benefits of smart interactive displays?


 Smart Interactive displays are becoming increasingly popular in offices and homes as a way to improve productivity. Some of the benefits of interactive displays include:


  1. Increased focus. Interactive displays can help you stay more focused on your work by providing interesting information or entertainment.


  1. Better work-life balance. By using interactive displays, you can easily switch between tasks and distractions without having to leave your desk.


  1. Increased learning opportunities. Interactive displays can provide an easy way for you to learn new information or practice skills.


  1. Improved communication skills. With interactive displays, you can easily share information with other members of your team or interact with customers or clients in a more engaging way.


Ikinor offers infrared touch and capacitive P-cap touch technologies on our interactive displays ranging in size from 65″ to 110″. Our products include interactive flat panel displays, smart chalkboards and interactive whiteboards with built-in software that are widely used in smart education as well as smart workrooms and conference rooms.


Tips and Tricks for Using Interactive Displays


When it comes to using interactive displays in the office, there are a few things to keep in mind. For one, make sure the display is large enough to fit your needs. You also want to make sure the content is engaging and useful. Here are some tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness of your interactive displays:


1) Keep the Content Relevant

If you’re using an educational display, make sure that the information is current and appropriate for your students.


2) Keep It fun

Second, you need to keep it fun. Not only will this help keep visitors engaged, but it will also increase their motivation to learn more about the information being presented.


3) Use Interactive Elements Appropriately

Finally, be mindful of how you use interactive elements on your display. While flashy animations can be effective at drawing attention to important points, they can also be distracting if used excessively.


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