Step into a world where presentations transcend the ordinary and transform into mesmerizing performances that leave a lasting enchantment. Ikinor proudly presents the awe-inspiring 110-inch interactive flat panel, a showcase of innovation and creativity that will ignite your imagination and captivate your audience like never before.


Unleash the Power of Immersion


Prepare to be spellbound as your ideas come to life on the colossal canvas of the Ikinor 110-inch interactive flat panel. With its breathtaking size, this display transports your audience into a realm of larger-than-life visuals that command attention and evoke wonder. Every detail is rendered with astonishing clarity, thanks to the 4K UHD resolution, ensuring that your presentations exude a level of brilliance that truly captivates.


A Symphony of Clarity and Focus


The stage is set, the spotlight shines, and distractions fade away. The Ikinor 110-inch interactive flat panel features an anti-glare glass surface that dances with light and enhances clarity, presenting your content with unrivaled brilliance. Say farewell to bothersome reflections and glare that can steal the limelight. Immerse your audience in a seamless visual experience, where every intricate detail takes center stage, uninhibited by visual disturbances.


Prepare to rewrite the rules of engagement and unleash a wave of interactivity that will enthrall your audience. The Ikinor 110-inch interactive flat panel invites you to step beyond the confines of traditional presentations and embark on a journey of dynamic interaction. With its advanced touch technology, the display effortlessly responds to your touch, allowing you to navigate your content, zoom in on crucial details, and create an atmosphere of collaboration that transcends the boundaries of imagination.


A Tapestry of Collaborative Brilliance


In the realm of creativity, collaboration is the key to unlocking new dimensions of brilliance. The Ikinor 110-Inch Interactive Flat Panel embraces the spirit of collaboration, empowering multiple presenters to join forces and weave their ideas into a tapestry of innovation. With dual pen support, ideas flow freely, annotations harmonize, and the collective genius of minds intertwines, creating a symphony of creativity that will captivate both participants and spectators alike.


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