An interactive whiteboard is an advanced display technology that combines the functionality of a traditional whiteboard with the interactive capabilities of a computer. It’s essentially a large touch-sensitive screen that allows users to interact with digital content using their fingers or special stylus pens.

Ikinor, a major OEM/ODM supplier of interactive display technology, offers brand customers a one-stop service. Our cutting-edge products and solutions strive to transform classrooms and empower educators globally. Unlike regular whiteboards, which require manual erasing and rewriting, an interactive whiteboard lets you annotate, draw, and manipulate digital content in real-time. With just a few taps or swipes on the screen, you can effortlessly navigate through presentations, highlight key points, and even save your notes for future reference.

The Benefits of Ikinor’s interactive whiteboard

One of the standout features of an interactive whiteboard is its ability to connect to other devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This enables seamless collaboration during meetings – participants can wirelessly share their screens, edit documents together in real-time, and even control the board from their own devices.

Another advantage of using an interactive whiteboard is its versatility. Whether you’re conducting training sessions or brainstorming ideas with colleagues located across different geographical locations, this powerful tool ensures everyone stays engaged and actively participates in the discussion.

In addition to its collaborative features, many interactive whiteboards come equipped with advanced multimedia capabilities. You can easily integrate videos into your presentations or access online resources directly from the board itself. This makes it ideal for delivering impactful presentations that captivate your audience’s attention.

An interactive whiteboard offers endless possibilities for creativity and productivity in conference rooms. Its intuitive interface, coupled with its seamless integration with other devices, make it a must-have tool for modern businesses striving for efficient communication and effective teamwork.

Why choose an interactive whiteboard

The benefits of using an interactive whiteboard in a conference room are numerous. First and foremost, it enhances the overall communication and collaboration experience during meetings. With its interactive features, participants can actively engage with the content being presented, leading to increased attentiveness and a better understanding of the information.

One major advantage is that an interactive whiteboard allows for real-time annotation and mark-up capabilities. This means that during discussions or brainstorming sessions, ideas can be easily captured and visualized on the board, making it easier for everyone to follow along and contribute their thoughts.

Additionally, an interactive whiteboard provides seamless integration with other devices such as laptops or smartphones. This enables presenters to effortlessly share presentations or documents directly onto the board without any unnecessary delays or technical difficulties.

Furthermore, these boards often come equipped with advanced features like multi-touch capabilities and handwriting recognition. This allows users to interact naturally with the board using gestures or even writing directly on it. Such intuitive interactions make conferences more engaging and efficient.

An interactive whiteboard can also save time by eliminating the need for printing out handouts or taking notes separately. All relevant materials can be displayed directly on the board itself, reducing clutter and promoting a paperless environment.

In today’s fast-paced business world, having the right tools can make all the difference in productivity and collaboration. An interactive whiteboard is one such tool that can greatly enhance meetings and presentations in a conference room setting.


The possibilities and benefits of using an interactive whiteboard in a conference room are vast. By mastering its functions and utilizing its features creatively, you can transform traditional meetings into dynamic collaborations that yield real results. So next time you step into that conference room, make sure you make full use of this invaluable tool!


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