At Ikinor, we take pride in offering cutting-edge solutions to educators worldwide, and our Electronic Blackboard for Teaching is no exception. In this article, we will explore how this innovative technology is changing the game in education, with a focus on features such as Content Storage and Sharing, the Function of an ordinary blackboard, high-definition display, and interactive touch control in the middle display.


Content Storage and Sharing:


Imagine a world where all your teaching materials are just a click away, easily accessible and shareable with your students. With Ikinor’s Electronic Blackboard, this vision becomes a reality. Our advanced system allows you to store lessons, notes, and resources digitally. This not only reduces clutter in the classroom but also ensures that your valuable content is safe and easily retrievable whenever needed.


Moreover, the sharing capabilities of our electronic blackboard enable seamless distribution of materials to students. Whether it’s sending assignments, study guides, or class notes, our platform simplifies the process. No more worrying about physical handouts or misplaced papers—everything is just a tap away.


Function of Ordinary Blackboard:


We understand that educators often value the familiarity of a traditional blackboard. That’s why we’ve incorporated the functions of an ordinary blackboard into our electronic solution. With our system, you can write, draw, and illustrate concepts, just as you would on a traditional chalkboard or white board. This feature bridges the gap between the old and the new, allowing teachers to transition to digital technology while preserving their familiar teaching methods.


High-Definition Display:


Clarity is key in the learning process, and our Electronic Blackboard delivers exceptional visual quality with its high-definition display. Every word, diagram, or image is presented with striking clarity, ensuring that students can follow along with ease. Whether you’re teaching complex mathematical equations or analyzing intricate details in literature, our high-definition display enhances comprehension and engagement.


Interactive Touch Control in the Middle Display:


One of the standout features of Ikinor’s Electronic Blackboard is the interactive touch control in the middle display. This innovation transforms the way teachers and students interact with the board. Multiple students can collaborate simultaneously, whether it’s solving problems together, brainstorming ideas, or simply engaging in a lively discussion.


The intuitive touch control allows for seamless navigation through digital resources, making lessons dynamic and interactive. Students can directly interact with the content, enhancing their involvement in the learning process.




Ikinor’s Electronic Blackboard for Teaching offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates the benefits of traditional teaching methods with the advantages of modern technology. Features like Content Storage and Sharing, the Function of an ordinary blackboard, high-definition display, and interactive touch control in the middle display are designed to enhance the teaching and learning experience. We believe that education should evolve with technology, and our Electronic Blackboard is a testament to that belief, making learning more engaging, efficient, and effective for educators and students alike.


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