With technology making its way into classrooms everywhere, it’s no wonder that educators are looking for ways to incorporate interactive tools into their curriculums. One popular tool is the smart whiteboard, which can provide abundant information and data at the touch of a finger. This blog post will show you how to use Ikinor Interactive Smart Whiteboard- a powerful tool that makes learning fun and efficient. Using Ikinor Interactive Smart Whiteboard- you can create a dynamic and interactive classroom experience for your students.




Ikinor Interactive Smart Whiteboard is an amazing tool for creating a more efficient and interactive new classroom. With this whiteboard, teachers can create slideshows, quizzes, and demonstrations with just a few clicks. This whiteboard is also great for collaborative teaching, as students can simultaneously work on the same slides. Additionally, Ikinor Interactive Smart Whiteboard is portable and can be taken to any classroom.


How Interactive Smart Whiteboards Work


An ISB is powered by a computer or processor and connects to the internet. Teachers use the software on the computer to create slides, which are then projected onto the whiteboard for the students to see. The ISB also has built-in speakers and cameras, so instructors can take notes and make recordings during class. 


Functions of Ikinor Interactive Smart Whiteboard


Ikinor Interactive Whiteboard bundle with FREE teaching whiteboard software, and we also accept OEM service!

Ikinor whiteboard software with main features below:

  • Essential tools and aids to intelligently assist you in content preparation; 
  • Abundant teaching resources and dynamic teaching scenes; 
  • Bottom brush and palette, easy for kids to participate and collaborate; 
  • Multi-languages support; 
  • Free and all-life update. 


Benefits of Using an Interactive Smart Whiteboard in Your Classroom


There are many benefits to using an interactive smart whiteboard in your classroom. By allowing students to make their annotations on the board, you can create a more efficient and interactive new classroom setting. Additionally, with the ability to easily share projects and ideas with classmates, an interactive smart whiteboard can help foster cooperation and collaboration within your class. Finally, by providing real-time feedback to students, an interactive smart whiteboard can help them improve their learning skills quickly.




Classroom management can be challenging, but Ikinor Interactive Smart Whiteboard-To makes the process easier and more efficient. This whiteboard lets teachers input information in real-time and allows students to view the lesson material at their own pace. In addition, Ikinor Interactive Smart Whiteboard-To provides an interactive learning environment that engages students and encourages them to ask questions. With its ability to capture digital notes and share them with other teachers, Ikinor Interactive Smart Whiteboard-To is a powerful tool that can help make your class sessions even more productive.


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