At Ikinor, we’re on a mission to transform traditional classrooms into dynamic and interactive learning spaces. Our PCAP Touch Screen is at the forefront of this transformation, and in this article, we’ll explore how it enhances the classroom experience in five key ways.


Seamless Three Panels Connect Together:


Our PCAP Touch Screen is designed for seamless integration. With three panels seamlessly connected, it provides an expansive canvas for educators to engage with their students. This uninterrupted surface offers an immersive and interactive learning environment that fosters collaboration and participation.


Perfect for Classrooms, Multiple Writing Options:


One of the standout features of Ikinor’s PCAP Touch Screen is its versatility. It’s perfect for classrooms of all sizes and teaching styles. Whether you prefer traditional chalk, dust-free chalk, or various ink pens, our touch screen accommodates your preferences. This adaptability ensures that educators can use familiar writing tools while enjoying the benefits of digital interactivity.


Multi-Functional Display:


Our PCAP Touch Screen combines the functionality of an ordinary blackboard, a high-definition display, and an interactive touch control panel. It seamlessly transitions between these modes, allowing educators to switch between writing notes, displaying content in stunning HD, and engaging with interactive touch controls—all in one device. This multi-functionality maximizes the utility of the touch screen in the classroom.


Ultra HD 4K Resolution:


Visual clarity is paramount in modern education, which is why our PCAP Touch Screen boasts an ultra HD 4K resolution. The crystal-clear display ensures that educational content, diagrams, and videos are presented in the highest quality, enhancing the learning experience.


Easy Installation and Optional Features:


We understand that ease of installation is crucial for educators. Our PCAP Touch Screen is designed for a hassle-free setup, allowing educators to focus on teaching rather than technical complexities. Additionally, we offer optional built-in OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) for added convenience. OPS provides an integrated PC module that enhances the screen’s functionality and flexibility.



Ikinor’s PCAP Touch Screen is an innovation in contemporary schooling. It gives teachers the tools they need to design dynamic, captivating classes because of its quick installation, smooth connectivity, numerous writing options, multifunctional capabilities, and 4K resolution. It is more than simply a touch screen; it is a catalyst for turning classrooms into lively communities of learners.


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