Are you sick of having pupils zone out when you’re teaching? Do you want to create a learning environment for your pupils that piques their interest and gets them excited? There is no better option than the Smart Board that is 100 inches in size. This powerful tool is redefining what it means to be engaged in the classroom, assisting educators just like you in maximising student participation and fostering academic success. In this article, we will discuss why every classroom should have a 100-inch Smart Board as well as the ways in which having one can revolutionise the way you teach. Prepare yourself to go to the next level in your studies!


Here are four reasons why every classroom needs a smart board 


1) A 100 inch smart board makes learning more fun. With its large screen and easy-to-use features, a smart board makes learning more engaging for students. The extra space also allows teachers to display more information on the board at one time, making it easier for students to follow the lesson.


2) A 100 inch smart board helps students learn better. With its large screen, a 100 inch smart board provides an ample amount of space for students to easily read and understand texts and diagrams. This enables them to retain information better, which can lead to improved academic performance.


3) A 100 inch smart board promotes teamwork. For example, if there is a question on the board that requires all of the students in the class to answer it, they can work together as a team in order to find the answer.


  • A 100 inchsmartboard creates an interactive learning environment. By allowing students to interact with the content on the screen, a 100 inch smartboard creates an interactive learning environment that engages them in the lesson. This makes it easier for them to remember what they have learned and helps them feel like they are part of the class discussion


Why choose Ikinor 


We guarantee the manufacturing of interactive smart boards of the highest quality and performance levels thanks to our industry-leading optical bonding production line and our auto-assembling production lines. If our employees are knowledgeable and skilled, and they work together with the production lines, we will be able to increase the effectiveness of our production and give our customers with superior goods and services.




A 100 Inch Smart Board can be the key to unlocking student engagement and maximizing learning in your classroom. With its ability to integrate technology into the learning process, a Smart Board can help you do things like increase student’s engagement, and more. Let Ikinor help you find the perfect board for your classroom and get started on boosting student engagement today!


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