As we continue to increase our reliance on technology, it is important to ensure that our work spaces remain conducive and engaging. Interactive flat panels are becoming more popular in the office environment for a variety of reasons. They can be customized to fit any need, they’re easy to use and maintain, and they provide a great way for employees to collaborate and interact. Folllow us to know why Ikinor 75 inch interactive flat panel is your best choice! Let’s get started!


Types of interactive flat panels: large, medium, and small


Large interactive flat panels are best suited for large groups or classrooms, because they provide plenty of space for everyone to work together. They can also be customized with different apps and software, which makes them a powerful tool for collaboration.

Medium interactive flat panels are perfect for smaller groups or offices. They have all the features of large interactive flat panels, but they’re not as wide or tall so they don’t take up as much space. They’re also great for people who want to keep their desk clear but still be able to access their computer quickly.


Small interactive flat panels are perfect for individual users or home offices. They’re easy to be installed in small or limited area. Although they take fewer than bigger ones, the quality and accuray they provide are just the same as their bigger counterparts.


Why a 75 inch interactive flat panels from Ikinor is your best choice 


Experience the ultimate collaboration tool with our Ikinor 75 inch interactive flat panel. With Android 11 operating system, Ram4G Rom32G (expandable to Ram8G Rom128G), and high accuracy infrared 40-Point Touch, your team can work more efficiently than ever before. Our zero bonding technology ensures crystal-clear images, while upgraded audio and full function Type-C connectivity make presentations a breeze. Whether in the meeting room or classroom, this powerful device is guaranteed to impress. Invest in success today with Ikinor!




 One way to do this is by using interactive flat panels. By providing a variety of sizes and styles, these panels allow for a variety of collaborative interactions. In addition, they can be used in areas such as marketing, advertising, sales, customer service and education. By understanding the advantages of different sizes of interactive flat panels, you can create an environment that is both productive and enjoyable for everyone involved. If you don’t know which size you should choose, then why not choose Ikinor 75 inch interactive flat panel?It is the popular type to meet multiple applicaitons! Welcome to contact us for details!


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