Today’s classrooms are changing. Technology is infiltrating every nook and cranny of our educational system, and touch screen blackboards are at the forefront of this revolution. Not only do they make learning more engaging for students, but they also provide teachers with countless ways to improve their teaching methods. Let’s explore the world of touch screen blackboards with Ikinor!


Why are touch screen blackboards becoming popular?


Touch screen blackboards have become more popular in schools because they allow students to interact with the board in a variety of ways and they are easier to use than traditional boards. Touch screens can be used to draw on the screen, type text, and create graphs and charts. They are also useful for teaching math and other subjects.


What makes a good touch screen blackboard?-Take Ikinor as an example 

Ikinor E-Blackboard is a new generation of interactive touch screen blackboard, mainly used for presentation and collaborative work in smart education.


This smart blackboard consists of two writing boards on the left and right, and a touch screen display in the middle, combining the functions of traditional blackboard and electronic blackboard into one. It supports normal writing with ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk and various liquid pen. Ikinor E-Blackboard effectively combines traditional blackboard and multimedia teaching, bringing a better teaching experience.


Ikinor electronic blackboard adopts an all-in-one design, which integrates a high-definition display, touch screen function, and blackboard writing. You don’t need separately to buy a writing board. The entire surface is seamlessly connected and much larger than a traditional blackboard, providing more collaborative educational space.




Touch screen blackboards are quickly becoming a favorite teaching tool in classrooms all over the world. Touch screens can be used to display information in real time or as a resource for students to access later on, making them ideal tools for interactive learning environments. So why not give your classroom a touch of the future? Let’s get started with Ikinor!


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