Ikinor, which dedicated to redefining the classroom experience through cutting-edge technology. Our interactive white board for school is designed to meet the specific needs of educational institutions, offering a range of features that enhance teaching and learning in today’s dynamic learning environments.


High-Performance Surface for Engaging Lessons


Our Ikinor interactive white board is engineered for high performance. It features an aluminum honeycomb or ceramic board with a Nanometer high molecule surface. This surface is not only exceptionally smooth, facilitating fluid writing and touch interactions, but it’s also resistant to scratches. Teachers can use water-based markers on it, adding versatility to their teaching methods.


Easy Maintenance, Less Disruption


Educators and administrators understand the importance of minimizing disruptions in the classroom. That’s why our infrared interactive white board is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Its modular PCB (Printed Circuit Board) parts make disassembly and maintenance straightforward, ensuring that valuable class time is not wasted on technical issues.


Comprehensive Software Support for Enhanced Teaching


Our commitment to improving the educational experience doesn’t stop at hardware. Ikinor provides a feature-rich interactive white board software package that complements your teaching methods seamlessly. Our software equips you with essential tools and aids for content preparation, simplifying lesson planning and delivery.


Moreover, the software offers a wealth of teaching resources and dynamic teaching scenes that help educators quickly master the art of intelligent teaching. It’s a valuable resource for educators, ensuring that they have the tools they need to engage students effectively.


Collaboration and Participation Made Easy


We understand that collaboration and student participation are vital for effective learning. That’s why our interactive white board software includes brushes and a color palette at the bottom, making it easy for students of all ages to participate actively in lessons. This feature encourages engagement and collaboration, enhancing the overall classroom experience.


Supporting Diverse Learning Environments


Every classroom is unique, with diverse needs and preferences. Our interactive white board software supports multiple languages, ensuring that educators and students can use it comfortably in their preferred language. This inclusivity fosters a welcoming and accessible learning environment for all.


Continuous Improvement through Free Updates


At Ikinor, we’re committed to providing ongoing value to our customers. That’s why we offer free and periodic software updates. These updates keep your interactive white board equipped with the latest features and enhancements, ensuring that your investment remains up-to-date and aligned with evolving educational standards.



Ikinor’s interactive white board is more than just a teaching tool; it’s a transformative solution for modern classrooms. With a high-performance, anti-scratch surface, easy maintenance, and feature-rich software, we empower educators to deliver engaging and effective lessons. Our commitment to inclusivity, through multi-language support, ensures that all students have equal access to quality education. Ikinor is dedicated to supporting educational institutions in their pursuit of excellence, one interactive white board at a time.



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