As technology continues to advance, the education sector is embracing innovative tools that enhance learning experiences and foster collaboration. At Ikinor, we understand the importance of creating engaging and interactive environments for students and educators alike. Our Smart Interactive Flat Panel is at the forefront of this transformation, delivering next-level visual experiences, seamless connectivity, and empowering features that make it an indispensable tool in modern classrooms.


Next-Level Visual Experience: Embrace the Brilliance of Ikinor’s Smart Interactive Flat Panel


Our Smart Interactive Flat Panel is designed to captivate learners with its exceptional visual quality. With Ultra HD 4K Resolution, every image on the screen comes to life with stunning clarity and detail, ensuring that students can fully grasp complex concepts and engage with educational content. The wide viewing angle and anti-glare glass further optimize visibility, allowing students to comfortably view the screen from any position in the classroom. The rich colors and high contrast ratio create an immersive learning environment, stimulating curiosity and enhancing comprehension.


Seamless Connectivity and Interactivity: Unleash Creativity with Ikinor’s Smart Interactive Flat Panel


We believe that interactivity is key to fostering student engagement and participation. Our Smart Interactive Flat Panel incorporates touch technology with 20-point touch support, enabling students to interact with the content naturally and intuitively. Whether they are solving math problems, annotating text, or collaborating on group projects, the touch interface facilitates hands-on learning experiences. Additionally, the Plug & Play USB Type-C feature ensures effortless connectivity with various devices, eliminating any barriers to content sharing and collaboration. Moreover, smartphone mirroring allows students to seamlessly share their own work or ideas with the entire class, promoting a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.


Empowering Education and Collaboration: Discover the Advantages of Ikinor’s Smart Interactive Flat Panel


Our Smart Interactive Flat Panel is designed to empower educators and enhance their teaching methods. The built-in interactive software offers a wide range of tools and features that facilitate engaging and interactive learning experiences. Teachers can annotate, draw, and highlight content in real-time, capturing students’ attention and fostering active participation. The smart file management system provides organized access to educational materials and presentations, saving valuable teaching time and ensuring a smooth flow of lessons. Additionally, the adjustable mobile stand offers flexibility in positioning the panel, adapting to different classroom setups and ensuring comfortable usage for both students and teachers.


In conclusion, Ikinor’s Smart Interactive Flat Panel has become a game-changer in education. With its next-level visual experience, seamless connectivity, and empowering features, it revolutionizes the way educators teach and students learn.


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