Do you want to market your business and connect with the world’s leading industries? If yes, ISE 2024 provides you with the perfect opportunity to do so. By providing a trade forum, it brings all industry leaders to a single platform. It not only inspires people but also gives them a chance to show the products and latest innovations to the world. 

What’s more exciting about ISE 2024 is that we, Ikinor, a professional interactive display solution provider, will also participate in this event. Let’s uncover more about it in detail below. 

Everything You Need to Know About Ikinor’s Show at ISE 2024

ISE, also known as Integrated Systems Europe, is a widespread conference program or the leading system integration exhibition. It holds great international importance and is considered the most-anticipated exhibition of the year. Our Ikinor’s ISE 2024 show will take place in Fira Barcelona Gran Via from January 30th to February 2nd. 

During this extensive period, different conferences will be held along with the trade show. You can also register for the in-person educational conference or join the exhibition. Like other worldwide corporations, we will show our newly launched and mature interactive flat panel display in booth No. 5j750. Thus, get ready to see our spectacular 3-day show!

Significance of ISE 2024

Before jumping into more details of our show at ISE 2024, you should know what this program holds. Generally, ISE is the world’s leading professional show and visitors are from around the world attend the exhibition. Along with an innovative show, educational training and conferences are designed specifically for the visitors. Besides, here are some key significance points of ISE 2024, interactive display solutions:

  • A series of conferences filled with useful information and guides 
  • 9 technology zones to explore different products and find the solution you’re looking for. 
  • Different booths featuring content distribution, audio production, staging, and many more. 
  • Unified communications and new equipment exploration to get better network solutions. 

To provide professional services to our customers, we are proudly going to present our interactive displays equipped with the latest and advanced technology studied by our own. Also, we will present our one-stop ODM & OEM service for interactive display solutions to our customers. 

What Kinds of Our Products and Services Can You Experience on ISE 2024?

Among 1000 exhibitors, we will showcase our unique and innovative products that will catch the attention of visitors. Here, we are going to introduce two major interactive display solutions to our visitors: 

1. Interactive Flat Panel: 81″ 21:9 Interactive Flat Panel

At ISE 2024, we are going to launch a new interactive display solution: an 81″ 21:9 Interactive Flat Panel. This is our Ikinor’s ultimate interactive display for education, business, and various professional settings. Here are the features of our new release:

  • Boasting an expansive 81-inch display with an ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio, this interactive flat panel ensures an immersive and dynamic visual experience
  • Delivering an impressive 5K resolution, your presentations will come to life with unparalleled clarity and detail.
  • Equipped with a high brightness of 500cd/m2, this interactive flat panel ensures crystal-clear visibility even in well-lit environments, guaranteeing that your content remains vivid and vibrant

Now, experience the future of presentations with our Ikinor’s 81″ 21:9 Interactive Flat Panel at ISE 2024 – where innovation meets functionality, transforming the way you communicate and collaborate. This ultra-wide format provides ample space for effective content display, making it the ideal choice for collaborative discussions, engaging lectures, and impactful presentations.

2. Smart Blackboard: CVT 982

Among the interactive display solutions we manufacture, the smart blackboard is a great technological advancement for teachers and businesses. At ISE 2024, you can experience one of our best smart blackboard solutions: CVT 982.

With its seamless connecting panels and high-definition display, you can get help in making presentations and other writing tasks. It features two writing boards, one on the left and one on the right side, while an interactive display screen is installed in the middle. 

Compared to traditional blackboards, our CVT 982 can provide a smoother and more convenient teaching method due to its built-in software and advanced technology. Mainly, you can use it for collaboration work, presentations, assignments, or other work-related tasks.

Empowered by an ultra-HD 4K resolution, our CVT 982’s cutting-edge display delivers unparalleled clarity and detail, ensuring your content comes to life with precision. The CVT 982 takes interactivity to the next level with its 10-point touch feature concentrated at the center, enabling seamless collaboration and dynamic engagement.

What sets the CVT 982 apart is its user convenience. Enjoy effortless installation and delivery, streamlining your setup process for immediate productivity. Elevate your experience further with optional built-in OPS, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet your specific requirements.

As a result, our Ikinor’s CVT 982 is your gateway to immersive, high-resolution visuals and hassle-free functionality. You can witness the future of display technology at our ISE 2024 booth: No. 5j750.

3. Ikinor’s OEM and ODM Service 

Being a professional supplier of interactive display solutions, such as interactive flat panels and smart blackboards, we also provide OEM and ODM services to our customers. This includes products that use IR touch and PCAP touch technology. To provide excellent interactive display solutions to customers, we offer OEM and ODM services as follows: 

  • UI Customization 
  • Appearance Customization 
  • Packing Customization 

To meet our clients’ needs, we will provide smart, innovative interactive display solutions at ISE 2024. From custom designs to sample production, we will provide a complete flow chart of OEM and ODM services. With over 300 skillful production workers, we run three production lines and are committed to serving global brands with the latest products. 


We, Ikinor, are undoubtedly the leading interactive display solution provider at ISE 2024. Using top-notch technology and innovative products, we will make a huge impact on the exhibition in booth No. 5J750! From the smart blackboards to the flat panel displays, everything will be showcased at the great fair in Barcelona, Spain. Thus, you cannot miss our show if you love tech and are into teaching or business. These three days will be the life-changing period of your professional life. 


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